An interview with myself


Me: Who am I?

MJC: That’s a question I’m asking myself every day. But to keep it simple … my name is … ah, no, names are not really important! You can call me M or MJ or MJC … my initials. Yes, my parents were crazy enough to give me three first names, but if I actually had to use all of them plus my long surname … I would spend more time signing credit card slips than actually shopping!

Me: Why am I starting this blog? What can you expect from it?

MJC: To entertain you, make you think about certain things, annoy you … which is why it’s called “About everything and nothing”. Hopefully you will enjoy reading my articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

Me: Why now?

MJC: It’s not as if I’m doing this on a whim. Writing has been part of my life for quite some time …

Me: Yes? Tell more!

MJC: It all started … frankly, I don’t quite remember when it started. Being an engineer in my normal life, having had to endure exciting subjects like mechanics, physical chemistry and economics – apart from even more exciting stuff – at university, writing provided a balance and escape for me. Starting out with personal diary writing, moving up to a fictious romance diary style, with the one or other article thrown in between. Some lying around for some years now, some having to be rewritten and brought up to date cause I don’t want to withhold them from you, some totally unpublishable because I don’t think you would be interested in my opinions on the Obama-McCain election campaign, Sarah Palin or Tom Cruise jumping around on Oprah’s couch …

And then, I don’t even know why, I completely stopped writing in 2011, apart from travel diaries. 2016 has not exactly been my best year in so many ways, which I will tell you in the course of time and with a big BAM the desperate urge to get back into writing hit me, my obsession was back full time and here I am.

Me: But English? I am neither British nor Irish nor American or Australian … why English?

MJC: Just love it! It started as a hobby and has become as normal to me as German. In my private life I’m surrounded by English everywhere! So, there you have it! A crazy Austrian, living in Germany, being a Brit/American at heart. Ohhh, the idea for a future posting is just popping into my head … quickly, need to get back to my writing …

Me: Last famous words then?

MJC: Enjoy … you will find out more about me, my life, my thoughts, my opinions about everything and nothing in the course of time!


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