The life of an Oreo

The life of an Oreo is pretty short lived. As the World’s Number One biscuit it quickly becomes of lifesaving importance for my cookie obsessed self. Chocolate flavoured sandwich biscuits filled with a brilliantly white milk cream … who can resist such a temptation!? Certainly not me, no, Sir! Anywhere a package in the near vicinity? I can smell it! Going on the search like a bloodhound, snagging the signature blue package, tearing it open and devouring the smell of … well, Oreos!

I had my first encounter with this American institution on my first trip to Canada in my early twenties … yes, that was a while ago. Don’t rub it in that I’m already … nope, not going there …

Needless to say that I got hooked immediately and my addiction let me dread the return to my home country.

Back in Austria I fell into a deep depression, yearning for all those cookies I had to leave behind – and please remember, in those days online shopping was still something quite futuristic. And then, a few months later I happily freaked out in the middle of a grocery store in my home town, when I discovered them displayed prominently in the shelves. Those lovely blue packages smiling at me, gleaming in all their American cookie beautiness … I could hardly believe my eyes! My torture was finally over! Oreos in Austria!

End of story, you think? Wrong! Because … a few months later … gone! All of a sudden! Gone! GONE! Just like that! GONE! I was shocked, seriously shocked and was wondering whether I had dreamed those past blissful Oreo months … oh, had I only known! I would have at least stocked up on them! But nooooo! I was not prepared for this AT ALL! I asked myself: Why, oh why? Why were they gone? Didn’t my fellow Austrians treasure them enough? Had I been the only one buying Oreos?

Slowly I got used to my “life after Oreos”. I had to live without them, but they were never forgotten.

Thankfully those dark days have passed and they are available here as well – and not only at the exclusive delicacy grocery store “Meindl am Graben” in Vienna’s most expensive inner city district. I’m in heaven back again, even though I miss the terrific assortment one can get in the States, like Regular Oreos, Golden Oreos, Oreo Cookie Bars, Reduced Fat Oreos, Chocolate Cream Oreos, Double Stuffed Oreos, Mint and Cream Oreos, Fudge Oreos, Oreo Cereal … and the ultimate Oreo delights: Oreo ice cream and Oreo cream cheese pie!

Oh, gotta go! I can hear my Oreos shouting for me!


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