Gift guide for men

Are you scared to death because it’s one of those times again and you don’t know what to buy for the women in your life? Does your wife always look at you expectantly, hoping this year you’ll have finally got something she likes? Does your mother smile bravely about shawl No 29 you had your secretary buy for her? Guys, help is on the way! From now on your troubles are over! Just follow my instructions and you’ll have a happy girl on your hands because you got her the perfect gift. And since my own birthday is coming up … well, you get my motivation don’t you?

First of all, start listening to your wife! Really listen! Women – knowing you’re all too often lost and clueless when it comes to presents – drop hints like crazy. Subtle or less subtle. (Depending on your husband material!)

Should your lover/wife/daughter/sister/mother not give you hints – which I seriously doubt – keep reading for a few leads.

  • Jewellery! Always on top of every girl’s hit list! You can never be wrong with jewellery, no matter which age … no, wait, actually, it’s not that easy! There’s always the danger of choosing the wrong pieces. What your wife would consider the ugliest jewellery on earth your sister might totally love. The solution? A) You take your sister with you when you want to purchase your wife’s gift and vice versa. She will know what your wife likes, even though it’s not her style. Women just know such things! B) You’re observant enough to see which kind of jewellery your wife is wearing. Worried about not getting it right anyway? Guys, be a little resourceful! Just borrow one item for references, make puppy eyes to the shop assistant and you are home free.
  • Lingerie! A gift for you as much as her! But please, only to be given in private! Or do you really want to ruin her day by presenting her with lacy nothings in front of the whole family? Bad idea, very bad idea! Are you one of those guys who happily looks through your wife’s / girlfriend’s potential future lingerie and then tell the shop assistant when asked about the bra size, “A handful!”? Let me ask YOU this: how would you measure a handful in logical, mathematical terms? I know you like to use the last day possible to get all your shopping done but it’ll be much easier and quicker with a little preparation. As in risking a secret peek into her closet to take care of the size matter. There’s nothing more annoying for us girls than having to go back to the shop to return it because it won’t fit. (And expensive for you and your credit card since we tend to find a couple of other items we absolutely need! Okay, WANT!!!)
  • DVDs, Amazon Prime, subscription of her favourite series …! Does your girl like to watch all those girly TV series and shows? Get her the latest season and you’ll have endless days to yourself cause she’ll be glued to her TV set to watch all those episodes she missed because of you hogging the remote control to watch dull football games on exactly those days HER series was on …
  • Cosmetics and perfumes! Basically everything! From shower gel to body lotions, make-up sets, the 100$ facial cream she’s always wanted and never buys for herself, the latest perfume from ____________ (insert brand) … yeah, I know, it can’t be that easy, can it? And once again you’re absolutely right! She won’t be very thrilled if you buy her the same scent you a) bought her last year and never wears or b) she already has or c) she totally hates because the smell makes her sick. How to get it right then? Don’t despair, guys! Ask for advice at the counter! Again, know at least one perfume your better half likes and your shop assistant will sell you something similar! In the case of buying something for the other women in your family … either beg your better half to do it or be on the safe side and just get a bath gift set!
  • A day at the spa! Or at least a visit! Depending on the kind of money you want to spend! Or can! Even though you might think spas are a total waste of time, since a simple massage surely will do the trick – after all one can have peelings and baths at home just as well -, girls just love to be pampered and relax from all the work, housework and kid raising.
  • Books! Being a book lover myself books are nearly on top of my list! So, you think, “Boy, that’s easy! I’ll just go to the closest book store and get a book! About cooking sounds perfect! That way I’ll profit too!” Well, I’m afraid, you’re wrong! Again! Not that easy either! Wondering what you should do in case you decide to get a book and don’t know – shame on you, what in hell are you even talking about at home? – what genres she likes? Buy one of the latest bestsellers – maybe not the psycho serial killer thing, but a romance or mystery. Are you wondering why you should even bother getting a real book in times of Kindle, Nook, iPad? Putting some thought into buying a real book is much more romantic than just getting an Amazon gift card … add a personal inscription and you will be her hero!
  • Subscriptions! Another gift you don’t have to think about too much! Women love magazines, all kinds of magazines! And it doesn’t matter whether it’s to download onto her iPad or sent by old-fashioned mail. Gossip, fashion, interior decoration! (And if you are lucky your girl will also like MAD Magazine, so you get to read it too and save on getting a subscription for yourself!) Just pick something and voilà! Apart from magazines there are plenty of other subscription choices: flowers for a year, chocolates, cheese, tea, coffee, … the list is endless!
  • Vacations! Who doesn’t like a vacation? Even if it’s just for the weekend! Either for the both of you, the whole family or you share your idea with your wife’s best friend’s partner to send them away on a short wellness trip! (Like on Superbowl weekend, do I need to say more?)
  • And at last: gift certificates! A very practical and last resort option! Never to be given as a single present! Women need the feeling you at least put some thought into your gift for her. So, add one of the above mentioned! The beauty of gift certificates? SHE can buy what SHE wants! Avoid places like Home Depot, Restoration Hardware, B&Q, Radio Shack, Conrad Electronic and Apple, though! Those are YOUR favourite haunts, not hers! You can never go wrong with places like Body Shop, Sephora, Barnes&Noble, Whittard’s, Borders, Neiman Marcus, Marks&Spencer, Victoria’s Secret, Ann Summers, …

Well, my dear guys! I hope from now on your female companions won’t complain about your insensitivity. Happy shopping!


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