How to survive your 30th birthday

Get drunk, girls! That’s my simple advice! Get drunk!

Yes, I know, you’ve guessed right, this is one of my older articles … since I have to admit that my 30th is waaay in the past. But since I sincerely hope that you, my faithful readers, are of all ages … I hope you will enjoy this one too. Don’t worry, the 40th article will follow soon …

So, where was I? Right … back to the original article, which started with my brilliant advice to get drunk!

I spent my 30th birthday in London – and as you might already suspect, I did some serious shopping! And if I say “serious” I mean serious! I think I didn’t leave out one single shop on Oxford Street and was totally enamoured with those cute little shops at Covent Garden, where I spent a small fortune on Lush soaps and Crabtree & Evelyn products (all in sale, of course). I practically dragged my old depressed self from one shop to another, building up lots of muscle power to get my stuff back to my closet sized hotel room.

Three days of pure shopping pleasure! I only stopped to – as mentioned above – get drunk and stuff myself with chocolate cake on my big day! (You can’t survive your 30th birthday without chocolate cake! I know every single variation London’s grocery stores have to offer! Fudge, with walnuts, with raspberries, with cream … name it, I know it!)

Now you might think: Wow, London, that’s huge! How can you afford THAT?

Remember, dear readers, I come from Austria. Europe! A two-hour flight away from Queen Elizabeth’s empire! Thanks to cheap flights us Austrians fly to London like you Americans fly to Las Vegas for the weekend!

So, apart from saving up for my birthday trip, my relatives had been quite generous with money donations for my centenary birthday, so I didn’t feel all too bad throwing my money around to buy whatever caught my eyes. “Sale” signs particularly drew me in like bugs to the light … unable to resist those huge discounts. (Yeah, right!)

Oh, darn, I’m babbling again, am I not? I got totally distracted from what I had wanted to write originally: How to really survive your 30th birthday! (Apart from the getting drunk part!) Since London might not be an option for everyone, let me just say: ANY fun city will do! Just get away from your everyday life, with friends or alone, whatever makes you feel good! Always act as young as you feel, no matter whether you are 30, 40, 50 … in our hearts we’ll always be 25, right?


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