40 is the new 30!?

Yeah right! And who is going to believe that? Well, I don’t feel like 40 – apart from those tiny moments in the morning when I am a little stiff getting up, then looking into the bathroom mirror – big mistake -, trying to face the day. To me turning 40 resulted in a full-blown midlife crisis which is still going on. (And I had always thought only men start to freak out at a certain age!) And who has to suffer? Mostly everyone around me … and I appreciate my colleagues and friends even more for putting up with me.

I’m behaving like all those midlife crisis men, thrown in with a healthy dose of female hormones, panicking in between that life is running away from me. My first act of rebellion at turning 40? Now, guess what I did! Well, breaking out of a loveless marriage was not an option … since I’m “happily” single. I did the next best thing! And every male out there will nod appreciatively now … I did some shopping. Some serious shopping. A whole lotta shopping. I bought a car. A cool car. Forget the obvious female choice like an Audi A1, BMW 1, Fiat 500, VW Golf … nope, I wouldn’t even look at those. I got a big car. A British car. A Range Rover Evoque. Even though I would have preferred the even bigger version I kept at least some of my senses and chose the baby of the Landrover SUV range. After all, one has to consider the parking in my favourite parking garages for my usual shopping trips … which are usually not made yet for the big ones. So, my Evoque is the right size. And it made me incredibly happy … forgetting about the big 4-0.

Until … but that’s another story and would definitely blow this whole post up and you would certainly stop reading.

So, where was I? Right! Turning 40 … and buying a cool car. You want to know about my other acts of rebellion? I went from good girl to bad girl. For the first time in my life. Attending my first rock concert (metal no less) was only the beginning. Going out until the early morning hours? Dancing the night away at a club? Yep, also did that! I can’t even remember the last time I did that … if ever. (It’s just perfect for forgetting my real age and act the way I feel. Definitely not more than 30.) Everything else I have to keep a secret or you might be truly … shocked. Or at least mildly surprised. Let me just tell you one thing: it’s better to experience things late than never! At the age of 40 (plus 1 since not too long ago), I’m still in the process of finding myself, or – let me rephrase it – finding back to myself, trying out new things and trying to get over my midlife crisis, because, let’s face it … life can be over in a heartbeat!

So, enjoy your lives … you definitely don’t look more than 39!



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