It’s BBQ time

Summer is finally here and everywhere you go on the weekends the smell of barbecued sausages and meat is following you. So, I’ll let you in on my thoughts about men and their favourite summer pastime: eating and barbecuing. Of course, they like to be cooked and served at for the rest of the year, but place them in front of a George Foreman or Weber grill and they get all emotional. With teary eyes they become the kings of the world, protecting their loved ones – their BBQ grills – from every danger. (As in any female that dares to come too close. After all we could damage the holy grail of BBQ kingdom and just spoil its karma!)

They are taking care of their grills the way we take care of our shoes, as if they were their most beloved treasures. Even men who sneer at the mere thought of cooking a hardboiled egg in the kitchen – evil, evil place – would never allow a lowly woman come into close vicinity of their grills. They are the MEN, the masters of the BBQ universe, God’s greatest creation! No woman can ever BBQ as well as they do!

Men seem to return to their most primal instincts at the mere mention of “BBQ”. Salivating at the thought of thick, raw T-Bone steaks, jacket potatoes and corn cobs, dripping with globs of butter – the only kind of vegetable allowed on their grill. Everything else is for “pussies”. (Excuse the language!)

Watching men proudly throwing hamburgers and steaks onto their luxurious BBQ grills, handling knives and forks like pros, I let my mind wander … travelling back in time, hundreds of thousands of years ago, when cavemen victoriously dragged their loot back to their caves, dissecting and expertly grilling them over the fire pit. While their gorgeous cavewomen were allowed to watch and provide the after dinner entertainment …

Every single man I know fits right into this picture. I see them in tight animal skins, with long and wild manes, chest hair you need a lawn mower for, thumping their chests victoriously, a wild dead animal thrown across their shoulders and the typical male behaviour we all know so well. The incredible thing is, it doesn’t matter where you are and what you grill on – an expensive BBQ, a fire pit or a simple coal grill on the balcony – if it’s got to do with fire and meat, you’ve got your man for the job! Ah, well, at least we only have to provide the side dishes, look pretty in a nice summer dress and for once enjoy being cooked for …

(Pics courtesy of one of my Austrian friends … am still deciding on the right grill for girly ME!)


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