I’m in trouble! Big trouble! My holidays are coming up and I still have no idea where I’ll spend it! Time is ticking and my inner selves have been quarrelling with each other for months now. Thinking about one location, discarding another …

The beach? The mountains? No, not the mountains! I’m not the adventurous kind of girl who likes camping with ants and mountain lions … or whatever wild creatures are out there! No, no, no mountains in summer! Mountains for me are only good for skiing – and après ski after that. I think I want to go shopping. There are lots of places I haven’t been yet. Rome should be a marvellous place to shop! You can’t deny that the Italians have more style than, well, basically anyone! Or Paris! Paris, the city of love, savoir vivre, dirt and dilapidated buildings. Berlin, I like Berlin, but it’s more like a long weekend getaway for me. And London … always love shopping in London!

And then there’s the other me, who tells me to relax for a change! Two weeks of doing nothing … really? Me? On a beach? With all the sun? For two whole weeks? I must be crazy to even contemplate it! So, my inner selves are debating, each of my selves throwing good and bad arguments around!

My point: Sun is dangerous! You can get sunburnt!

My other point: Just lather up with sunscreen! You can go shopping all the time! And shopping is dangerous too! You can strain your muscles by carrying all the shopping bags! Or get dehydrated! Or …

My point: Carrying the bags is my workout …

My other point: Forget the shopping! Just think of all the relaxation you get at the beach! You deserve some down time too! You need to recharge your batteries, M, badly! You know it!

My point: What am I supposed to do for two weeks with nothing to do? I need the city!

My other point: You don’t! You’ve got several dozens of unread books on your various devices! And didn’t you always want to give mystery writing a try?

My point: You know for that I would need to rent a British cottage as inspiration … and that’s not in the budget this summer! You can’t convince me!

My other point: You can’t convince me either!

Now, without consulting my non-existent regular psychiatrist to solve my problems I decide to do it the old-fashioned way! Writing a Pros and Cons list … boring, I know, but effective! I decide to compromise with myself! Because, sadly, my other self is absolutely right! I need at least a week this year to just lie somewhere on the beach, just reading, listening to music, writing, looking at the sea … with great food thrown in. Nothing else. No sightseeing, no shopping! Just the sea and me! (Of course, the Maldives would be perfect, or doing another transatlantic crossing, but this is out of the question this year as well!) I need to find my inner peace again. Still no clue where I will go, though! Guess, for once this will be a more spontaneous thing! And for my other desire? The shopping, cultural me? I promise myself to get to London for a long weekend as soon as possible!

Well, there you have my brilliant solution! May our vacations begin, for some sooner, for others later! Happy holidays, yours M


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