This is how it started

Remember my very first posting? Where I briefly introduced myself and scratched the topic of my writing obsession? I have been going back in time mentally recently, trying to remember when it all really started. So many years have passed … but I guess it all really started in the 90s, on my first single trip which led me to Venice in winter. Venice, Italy, by the way. Not Venice, California. Why would I even go to Venice in California in winter?

Anyway, where was I? Right, my first single trip to Venice. It was exciting, getting on the night train in Austria and getting off it in the morning in Venice. It was a sunny day as I stepped onto the Vaporetto (ferry boat) to get off at the Rialto bridge to search for my hotel. (Those were still the times I had to use a real map instead of my iPhone’s Google map app!)

The sun soon vanished and was replaced by cold, rain and fog and most of my time I spent in cosy little cafes with my yellow pad and ballpoint, just writing. About my thoughts, my dreams, my observations … and yes, in those days a Macbook or smartphone was still something futuristic just like the ingenious inventions from Q for 007. So, as incredible as it might seem nowadays, I was quite oldfashionably writing by hand. (And sometimes I still prefer doing that. There’s just something incredibly satisfying hearing the rustling of paper as my pen is scratching on the surface … and no one is able to read it cause my handwriting is just awful!)

So, Venice is the place where it really started and everything else just kind of happened. Imagining various “What if” scenarios, the short stories about another life turned into longer ones until I had filled hundreds, thousands of pages, living and travelling to different parts of the world, researching extensively, doing all those things I couldn’t do as a student. Being me, just somewhere else. In the later years, I also started to write short articles, just because there were topics I needed to comment on. Like crazy Tom Cruise jumping around on Oprah’s couch, Paris Hilton and her jail time, the US election with Sarah Palin – the hockey mum with lipstick who could see Russia from her home -, TV shows, shopping, religion, holidays, travelling, incredible stuff I had seen on TV and needed to comment … some of this older stuff will be posted in the course of time together with new stuff. Since my need to write is back, I decided to do the 21st century approach and start a blog, curious how many out there will actually read what I’m thinking …



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