IMG_2744I confess! I should join the IJA – Internet Junkie Anonymous. I’m totally addicted to the World Wide Web. One day I’m not online and I’m a complete mess. Wondering what I might have missed, who has sent me an email, which ebay auction has ended without me, which new items have been added to my favourite fashion pages, what’s going on in Austria, England and the States …

Occasionally I treat myself to a whole internet Sunday, getting comfortable in my library chair with my Macbook, surround myself with all the essentials (food, beverages, smartphone, charger) and start surfing the net. Only to get up to stock up on more essentials or … you know what.

You wonder what makes me sit there for hours? Am I playing one of those online games? Wish I had time for that! But I don’t. I’m way too busy looking up homepages I found in various magazines. From fashion to interior decoration to anything that might interest me. And, as you probably know yourself, once you’ve started looking up something, you click your way through more and more sites. It never ends and three hours later you’ve still got a dozen addresses you haven’t looked up yet.

Apart from new sites there is an immense number of pages I already know and have to visit from time to time to get the latest gossip, fashion scoop from various fashion shows around the world, items to buy and Austrian news. After all I do want to know what the weather is like or which farmer accidentally fell from his tractor. (Yeah, you’re right, there’s a little more going on than farmers, car accidents and weather conditions! We do have a more or less working government I’m too bored to even think about! The most exciting thing that happened was the last election disaster for the new Austrian Federal President and the brand-new government with the youngest Chancellor ever!)

Back to the really important stuff! The WWW is a treasure trove. You can’t get your favourite cookies at your neighbourly grocery store? No problem, just order them! You’ve finally found the Star Trek prop you’ve been looking for all your life in a London based movie prop store? No big deal, you are one click away from fulfilling your dream. Your kid announces his report on a tiny Caribbean volcano no one has ever heard of is due tomorrow? Thanks God for the internet! The information is near to endless and you manage this nearly impossible task.

In my case, I’m particularly hooked on … well, everything. Or let me rephrase it, anything that has to do with shopping and … and … and … but that’s nothing new, is it? What did you expect? XXX, M


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