I can’t believe I did it

And neither could some of my family members. And probably I’m not setting a good example! And very likely I’m about to receive your disappointed comments now! You’re wondering what I did?

Well, for those of you who have been following my blog it won’t come as a surprise. And you’ll start guessing right away whether it’s got something to do with politics, church or shopping.

Those who picked No 2 are right! I’m not sure whether I should drop the bombshell yet or let it sink in … oh, what the hell! (Which is where I’m probably going according to the conservative faithfuls out there!) I did it! Actually, I already did it a few years back. But I’m still happy about it! I dropped out of church! I’m confessionless and happy! A happy confessionless Austrian. It’s a relief, I can tell you! Getting rid of old baggage and starting a new life as an Ex-Catholic. And I’m dreaming … dreaming of an audience at the Vatican to meet the pope, I’m wearing a black Vivienne Westwood skirt suit and black high heeled Louboutins … curtseying gracefully and then just telling him with an angelic smile on my face, “I’m a happy confessionlessonista, recently dropped out!” And then just walk out of there swinging! Ahhh, wouldn’t that be nice? I bet no one has ever done that! The question is: are you being vetted before you’re granted an audience? Then I probably won’t get far! After all, well, in my rebellious student years I did write some not very nice letters to the bishop in Graz, Austria because I hated sending them written confirmations for me still being a student in order to avoid paying church tax!

But one can dream, right? Why I did it? Doesn’t it all come down to money in the end? I have no intention of supporting such an old-fashioned establishment with my church tax. And I have even less intention forking over a certain amount from my hard-earned wages every month here in Germany, where it is directly deducted from my pay check.

Don’t get me wrong, I like churches … for finding peace and looking at the architecture, but I’d rather donate some money directly to a building than pay the pope’s travels to underdeveloped countries so that he can rant a little more about those devilish condoms …

And there I go again! I could fill pages over pages with my second favourite topic, but since I’m running out of space at the speed of light – after all I’m trying to keep my postings at around 500 words and only overshoot this limit in absolute cases of emergency – I’ll have to stop now! But don’t you worry! I’ll be back, annoying you a little more … soon … very soon! Have a great weekend and good week ahead!


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