What is faith


Religion: This is always a delicate topic to write about, particularly if it’s going public. But you should know by now that I don’t care what others think about me and I basically just write what I want to write about. That’s also why I can’t keep my cute mouth shut!

You might have realized by now that I’m not religious at all! I was raised as the daughter of a Catholic mother and a Protestant father! Catholic rules – as strict as they are in little Austrian towns – require that I had to be christened and brought up as a Catholic. Otherwise … who knows which disadvantages I would have had to face growing up. I went to church regularly on Sundays as a child (but only to receive the stickers for my school church going card), attended Catholic playgroups on Saturday, sang in the children’s choir … but well, let’s just say from the time I started to use my brain as a teenager I stopped.

I started to question everything and especially realized how selfish the Catholic church is. They condemn divorced women, refusing to give them communion. Or they rather let babies die than preventing them to be conceived in the first place. Anything wrong with this picture?

Then take celibacy! The terrible outcome? Priests abuse young boys and girls because nature’s just too strong! Or they have illegitimate children, never acknowledging them.

What’s so fascinating about religion and faith? Is it the fact that we all have to die at one point of our lives and we don’t want to land in hell? Speaking of which! Who was it again planting the hell-idea into our heads? Yes, right, it was THEM again! Those who murdered in the name of faith, even each other, forced Christianity onto anyone who didn’t want it but crossed their way … if you look at the history there’s murder, mayhem and betrayal written all over it.

Did you know that the first Christians had nothing in common with those from today? They were the heads of the community, took care of keeping peace amongst them. They didn’t have churches, they just met without all the pomp and regalia and then they went home to their wives and families. Yes, WIVES! FAMILIES! As the centuries evolved a few of them saw the potential … and it all came back to the ulterior and oldest motive in mankind: power and money! Wives? Orgies? Murder? No problem as long as the public believed they would be punished in afterlife if they didn’t buy themselves free. The crimes the Church committed over the centuries are unforgivable and their still medieval views made me steer clear of religion. And if other sects or Scientology thinks of approaching me to become their latest victim, think again! I’m not stupid! I know what you are after! Which again is World Domination and Money!!!

So, do you wonder where I stand personally if I’m not an active part of any religion? I do believe! I believe in a higher power, I believe that nothing really dies and that our energy will survive our bodies! I believe in love and tolerance!

Religion is as old as human mankind, in one way or another. And many many wars are and were fought because of it and in the name of religion! Wouldn’t the world be much more peaceful without it? Think about it!

I might not be the biggest fan of all kinds of religions, but I have to admit, the Christian institution has a few good points. I particularly admire all those nuns who are devoting their lives to others … Thanks, dear ladies, for giving up everything to do good!!!


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