The perfect proposal

And this, guys, is a posting just for you! Imagine you’ve met the girl of your dreams and you decide to take the plunge and pop the question of all questions. Now, are you excited? Nervous? Absolutely clueless? Let me tell you, getting it over with like this is NOT the way to do it:

SHE: Let’s buy the house!

HE: Okay! We can get married and save taxes in the process!

You think that’s romantic? No, it’s not! If your future wife actually says yes you’re either lucky or she’s brain dead! Boys, women like to be wooed and together with the big wedding day the proposal is supposed to be the happiest day of her life! So, please, at least try to think of something! After all you two should remember this moment and file it under “pleasant memories” you can turn to in times of fighting!

First of all: the ring! You need to have a ring! Basically, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a tiny diamond, a huge bling or vintage ring as long as it’s not butt ugly and meets your girlfriend’s style. If you were bored and annoyed until now because you had to stand in front of Cartier, Tiffany or H. Stern for hours looking at jewellery you can’t afford anyway, you should pay a little more attention now! Because … you don’t want to get it wrong! Believe me! You don’t! Better choose a simple classic style than going overboard with a kitschy version!

Second: the location! As important as the ring! Nothing speaks against the kitchen if it means something special to you! But … yes, yes, I know, here it comes, the big BUT! But … your girl will appreciate it even more if you think of something terrific. A weekend getaway – if you can afford it -, a helicopter flight, a banner from Tower Bridge (okay, a bit too much), dinner on the beach … just a few suggestions for you to think about. Anything works as long as it’s something you think your beloved might enjoy! Are you wondering whether you have to drop down on one knee, look up at her, gaze lovingly into her eyes and beg her to marry you? And are you absolutely horrified about the idea? Because … men just don’t do that? Don’t worry, guys! It’s not absolutely necessary if you’re not comfortable with it! Of course, if your woman tells you beforehand she expects that, guess what you’ll have to do? Right! Do the knee fall!

Otherwise, forget it! It’s as romantic if you just stand in front of her, taking her hands into yours and that brings me to No 3: the right words! I guess finding the right words is the most difficult part! Do you really just want to cry out the question? Just tell her you love her and can’t imagine life without her! That’ll do and she has a few moments to get prepared for THE question! After all YOU know it’s going to come, she ideally should be totally surprised, fall into your arms and whisper a YES!

You wonder why I’m writing about proposals? Well, it’s this time of the year where every Saturday I hear the motorcades driving by, honking, signalling another couple getting hitched … which always make me think …


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