More happy pills needed

Depressive episodes. That’s what my MD called my nervous breakdowns. And gave me a referral to a psychologist’s practice. I called immediately and was surprised to snatch a first appointment two months away. Well, I could certainly get through another couple of months, with the hope in mind that then everything would get better.

Finally, the day arrived and … well … let me say, I was quite disappointed that my first appointment lasted a whole 5 minutes, after which the psych doc (long gray hair, psychedelic clothes) pushed a large envelope into my hands and told me they would get back in contact with me in about four months.

This all happened last year! About 10 months ago! That’s when I decided I couldn’t go on the way I did! Looking forward to getting the help promised to me! I could deal with four more months!

Well, two days ago one of the psychologists of the practice finally called me! End of January! Approximately 4 months later than expected! And this pissed me off more than I can say! Luckily, in my case, due to most of my really big issues having been resolved and not being alone anymore, I started to get better on my own, stopping my happy pill intake until recently. He actually asked me, “whether a therapy is still necessary”. Are you kidding? Of course, I still need it. Feeling better doesn’t mean other issues have been resolved. And I’m far from being as resilient I used to be. With little things upsetting me. But Dude, not at your place! You are not getting one cent out of me! Apart from the fact that I’m moving away anyway, thanks a lot!

Remembering my really bad days I told the psychologist – and the secretary of the practice – what I thought about their behaviour towards their patients. Letting them wait for months and months, not even managing a quick call or email to let them know that it would take more time to start therapy than anticipated. I still remember their “we will call you in fall”. Well, end of January is nearly spring again and as far off from fall as me being in Austria.

The one thing they are all forgetting is that I AM PAYING THEIR EXORBITANT WAGES by forking over tons of money every month for health insurance. Apart from the mental state I could have still been in. Gee, I only hope that real “hard” cases get help more quickly than lowly me!


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