The big move

This will be a short article. A very short article. It’s 8:14 Friday night and I can hardly keep my eyes open. Our big moving day is finally over!

It started at 6 am with a quick breakfast of dry bread with Nutella and coffee / chai – the last edible I had at the old apartment -, and then loading the car with all kinds of bits and pieces before the professionals arrived to take care of the big stuff. Boy, in a matter of two hours the big truck was stuffed with my furniture and off we went to the new apartment. Where I had the pleasant task of just ordering the guys around to distribute everything into the right room and position.

The rest of the day we started putting together furniture, unpacking, trying not to drown in boxes and chaos. But we got more done than anticipated and even though we are bone tired we are happy about the progress … with still a looong way to go until we can relax and enjoy our new home.

I’m beat, guys, so please forgive me for this really very short article. I will make it up to you by posting a few more pics! Have a great weekend! XXX, MJ


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