Settling in


I know, I know! You are already endlessly bored by having to read about my big moving experience. For WEEKS now! Well, what can I say? It’s been dominating my life for the past three months!

But now we have arrived! After another exhausting week of unpacking lots and lots of boxes, putting up furniture, getting the kitchen done and having TV and the comfy couch in place … we have finally arrived and can start enjoying our new home. Of course, it’s not all finished. Pictures, decorations and drapes are still missing, a few boxes are left with stuff I don’t know where to put yet … and that’s what lets me lie awake at night right now. How and where to stuff one more candle holder, vase, blanket … and which pictures and paintings I will be able to display on the walls.

Books are crammed everywhere, in three rows in my available space … going from 5 to 3 book cases (not counting my little library with the coffee table and non-fiction books) required lots of hard decisions which ones to keep and which ones to give away.

I tried to incorporate as many memories from my family, my past and my childhood into the “decoration”. But there are still many, many things I can’t have with and around me for the time being. I actually had a breakdown yesterday when I had to part from a very old comfy chair from the 30s from my great grandparents. It was not beautiful anymore, needed upholstering badly … but I still loved it. Now it’s already been collected by the recycling center as bulky waste. Destroyed, crushed to little pieces. I still remember where they stood in our vacation home in the mountains in my room. And then as a reading chair and TV chair beneath the loft bed in my apartments from student days. And as my “jacket/coat wardrobe” in my last apartment.

For some people it’s just something old. Useless. Ugly. Good enough only to be thrown out. For me it was history and had potential. I always pictured it with new stuffing, new fabric and black painted arm rests … which would have cost a bundle. But there is no space for it anyway.

Now it’s Friday evening, for the first time since moving in I have a little time to myself to relax and we are planning on enjoying the weekend without too much puttering around the apartment. Just take a little time out before we’re off to work again on Monday.

Have a great weekend! Greetings from my new home … XXX, MJ


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