Oh, I miss the UK! So much! And therefore, it’s high time to add a “British favourites” article to my collection. Since I have already entertained you with the American version ages ago. It’s really high time to rectify this. And since going to England right now is out of the question due to the whole pandemic and restrictions and dangers, I at least can reminisce about better times. And hopefully better times to come again. Now, this is for all you British-at-heart out there!

My favourite British food: SPAM. Definitely SPAM. SPAM SPAM SPAM. First getting introduced with this amazing tinned meat in the Monty Python’s sketch “SPAM”, I had to take some of it back home with me on my next England trip. And got hooked. Trying all kinds of various meals involving SPAM, having to order it whenever I run out – often – to not become SPAM deprived. And you wouldn’t want that, believe me!

Which leads me to my next topic! My favourite British TV shows: Monty Python’s are on top, of course. Closely followed by brilliant Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry in “Jeeves and Wooster”. And something really weird but incredibly funny “Welcome back, Mrs North” – a BBC 70s comedy which I came across accidentally. But, as you can imagine, “Downton Abbey” is among my top 10s too. (Ohhh, already feel another post coming up!)

My favourite British author: P.G. Wodehouse. And no, not because of “Jeeves and Wooster”. I’ve known his books before discovering the TV series – in a small shop in Covent Garden, buying the first season as video tapes (yes, that’s how old I am), hoping not to be disappointed which usually is the case when books are transformed into series or movies. And I was not. Disappointed. I fell in love with Laurie and Fry from the very start.

My favourite British car: And here it comes! Since I totally failed to name an American car … what else could it be than my beloved Range Rover. Basically every single model. The Sport, the Discovery, the Freelander, my Evoque, the Velar … case closed!

My favourite British city: would London be too obvious? Too boring? Well, I really do love it to pieces. Since unfortunately my other choices would be Brighton, Southampton, Harrogate and Bath. I know, I know, I really should get over there more and more and more to discover all the other great places!

My least favourite British food: chips with vinegar. Euw! Tried once, never again! It definitely comes onto my list of weird food combinations! Together with … hey, not gonna tell. One needs to save some stuff for another post …

My favourite British shop: I could say Marks and Spencer now. Or Selfridges … if I tried to sound as boring as I usually am. But in my heart, it’s Ann Summers. Plain and simple. Regularly leaving too much money there. Waaay too much! Even ordering online when I need to treat myself to something new, cause, let’s face it, if you are used to Ann Summers, other stores are just dull.

My favourite British custom: tea time! Can you hear me swooning? Next time I’ll definitely book the real thing at the Ritz. And of course, I will have to go shopping before all that to buy the perfect Ritz worthy outfit.

My favourite British designer: Vivienne Westwood. Just adore her classy skirt suits with this little something! Absolutely fabulous!

My favourite British restaurant, well, rather my favourite restaurant in London: Dicken’s Inn. In competition with the Hard Rock Café. Tacky, I know. The one a typical pub in the St. Katherine’s Docks, the other one the typical touristy destination. But … I just can’t help going to HRC wherever there is one. And I have been to the one or other (dozen). Even in Venice – I know, shame on me!

My favourite British sight (for now): Tower Bridge. No, wait, Stonehenge, no … ohhh, I just can’t decide.

My favourite British team: Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. I have become a big fan of the old Top Gear episodes and their new series “The Grand Tour”. Going so far as to ordering merchandise cups to use at the office … I just love those guys. They are hilarious and their car testing, adventures and crazy challenges just awesome. British humour at its best!

As usual I could probably go on and on … but I don’t want to bore you endlessly … so, have a nice weekend! I will celebrate this week’s article with Earl Grey, cucumber sandwiches and scones! Toodle-oo!



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