Well, here I am! With pen and paper! Trying to compose my article for this Saturday! Pen and paper? That’s weird … yes, it is! And it shouldn’t be weird! It shouldn’t make a difference whether I use pen and paper or my beloved MacBook. After all I started out with just that: pen and paper. Writing down my thoughts whenever I was on the train, in a café or anywhere else.

But it does. It does make a difference. I’m sitting here in a coffee shop, having just dropped off my MacBook at the Apple doctor in the hope that not only my data and not yet externally saved articles can be saved but my merely 3-year-old MacBook as a whole. If not … well, then it’s lots of money down the drain. Because of course I had to have the larger capacity version and not just the basic one. (I won’t even mention the not insignificant amount a repair will cost me!)

So, here I am, Latte Macchiato in front of me, pen poised, trying to get inspired … but it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work. I don’t have a clue what to write about. Well, apart from the obvious. Maybe I’m still shocked that I might have to buy a new one. After three years (of course I’m a few months over the warranty period, what else) – and it’s not as if I used it daily for hours. More like on weekends and vacations. I take care of my things and this really makes me angry. Such an expensive piece of equipment is not supposed to drop dead after such a short time.

Anyway, there’s no point worrying about it before I don’t even know what the verdict will be. It does dampen my mood, though. A tiny wee bit. You think the worst in terms of big expenses is over after the move … and bam, there comes another whopper. Oh well, vacations are overrated anyway. Who needs to get away for a few days to recharge and a change of scenery? Walks on the beach or sightseeing, enjoying being cooked for at different restaurants, room made up … completely unnecessary. Holidays at home are the BEST. You can finally deep clean your apartment again, cook your favourite dishes for yourself every day and do what you always do anyway.

Argh, I guess there is just no point to bore you anymore with this totally useless article. I’ll just use the next hour hacking my handwritten scribbles into my iPhone and upload this piece of … for Saturday to come. Sorry, guys … I promise to be back in writing mood and mode soon. (I hope). Keep your fingers crossed, until then … cheers!


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