Some things make me so mad I could jump through the roof. Well, we have covered Trump and his cronies recently, so I won’t go there. Even though there would already be lots to write about AGAIN, like his ridiculous and racist attacks on Biden’s VP pick, his obvious sabotage of the USPS and the upcoming election etc. etc. I guess there isn’t one single day I don’t get mad at this guy. But … I’m not going there. No, I won’t.

What currently makes me even madder – and made me use this title – is the current situation here in Germany and Europe in general. We have been sooo careful these past months, basically being admired by other states for our “low” infection cases and reaction time in terms of part lockdowns. And now? Everything down the drain by some stupid people.

  1. The teenagers: They once again totally prove my point, that I just don’t like this age group. They just don’t seem to get that by being the irresponsible human beings they are they not only endanger everyone around by their partying and need to socialize all the time but their own grandparents as well. But since grandparents only seem to be good at being gift givers (as in money, money, money please), there’s not much love lost anyway. Oh, and by the way, dear parents! It is YOUR bloody job to get your brats in line and make them understand that they are killing your loved ones!
  2. The protesters: 20.000 conspiracy theorists, Nazis and stupid people who just follow the herds not knowing what they are even protesting against … meeting in Berlin. Most of them without masks. Social distancing? What for!? I propose the following measures and punishments: Apart from my dearest wish they drop dead like flies due to their irresponsibility and stupidity (after all they were not protesting for something worthwhile like “Black Lives Matter” but something completely ridiculous), they shall have to pay for their hospital treatment themselves. AND pay huge fines. AND relieve those brave people who take care of the elderly and sick in retirement homes. Why they make me so mad? They endanger innocent, decent people, who follow the rules in order to get through these tough times. And now, Berlin has dared to prohibit another demonstration against corona rules. And more stupid people are shouting “this is an unacceptable attack on our basic rights”. Seriously? Do you bloody know how lucky we are to live in a country like Germany? Where no one needs to go hungry or is refused medical treatment due to our social system? And you have nothing better to do than insist on your “right to protest”? In times like these? Don’t you have any other problems? Because you are just too plain stupid and see conspiracy and the evilness of our government everywhere? And yes, we all know YOU WILL refuse wearing masks and keeping your distance at such a demonstration. Well, move to North Korea, I bet you will just love the freedom and plentifulness there.
  3. The vacationers: Really? You really have to storm the beaches nationally and internationally? As if nothing has happened? Well, Mallorca has been declared a risk country, others are following. Because, once again, stupid people couldn’t help being stupid. Forgetting to keep their distance and partying their hearts out. Returning vacationers have to do Corona tests or go into quarantine on their return. Is it really worth it? I know it’s a two-sided sword. Countries and places living from tourism. I’m sure it would be possible to have a safe vacation. By restricting the number of people occupying hotels, clever concepts, etc. But it seems that, unfortunately, human mankind is just too stupid to be and act responsibly without strict rules. (As can be seen in tourist partying hotspots and the beaches!) And there we go again. As predicted by lowly me, the numbers are increasing and we face the danger of returning to more restrictions again. Not to mention the impact on an already weak economy.

And that’s what makes me so mad! As already mentioned in one of my other posts, I too would love to go on vacation. Treat myself to a couple of days at the beach or just go back home to Austria. (Not to mention returning to my beloved England!) And I know we all need to get away after the past months to recharge, to breathe. But, what’s the point? It is at it is (oh no, I actually stole a quote from Trump – who was referring to the deaths in the USA) and we have to do the best to keep each other safe to get through this pandemic. And we can only do that by being responsible and careful. All of us!


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