Once upon a time I posted an article about the things that annoy me. And if you remember correctly I promised you another one of that kind, because, come on, there’s way more than just 4 issues that are annoying. Annoying me. And maybe you as well. 

  1. Getting no replies! And this is something I really, really hate. I’m not talking about a couple of hours not receiving a reply to a text message I sent, especially when I’m waiting for the answer to a question. I’m talking about all day, days, even weeks … it’s so easy today to keep in contact with simple text messages, Whats app and other messengers, email, etc … so to me it’s just disrespectful not receiving an answer. And it’s even worse if it’s this one special person in your life, having discussed this issue a dozen times, how important it is to you to at least get a short reply, some information, to not be kept totally in the dark … wondering … and this one tiny wish is still being ignored. Doesn’t something like that makes you mad as hell?
  2. Women. And I’m allowed to say that because I am one myself. Sometimes I can’t help rolling my eyes watching other women in my surroundings. One cliché chasing another. Sitting at a café, having to listen to a bunch of them having brunch together at the next table … it’s like a soap opera. Main topics: kids, husbands, dating, other people … ohhh … I feel another article coming up. Soon. Very soon.
  3. Telephone surveys. Oh yeah. And guess when their preferred time slot for calling you is? Right … in the evening when you are comfortably ensconced beneath the blanket on your sofa, looking forward to your favourite latest episode of whatever series you are currently watching … when suddenly the ringing phone chases you to the other end of your apartment … just to be asked about local politics you have no clue about anyway.
  4. People jostling each other to get onto busses, trains and subways! How much I wish to be back in the UK and their incredible queuing skills. No hustle. No panic. Patiently they are standing left and right at the opening subway doors, letting the departing passengers off before calmly getting onto public transportation. It’s beautiful to watch. Back here? Crowding the doors, people barely manage to get off before everyone is pushing into the train.
  5. Hair stylists! I guess I’m the only woman on this planet who doesn’t like to go to the hair dresser. Of course, it’s nice to see the end result, feeling pretty, coiffed … because, let’s face it, you never manage to style your hair the same way back home. But … to me it’s just a waste of time. For the whole procedure of colouring, hair masque, cut and blow drying it takes me more than 2 hours to sit around … being exposed to constant chatting, feeling interrogated … hair stylists would be perfect spies. Making you feel comfortable and relaxed … and bam … you don’t even remember the secrets you have just revealed to them in your blissful state.

Alright, I’m done for today. Think this will have a follow-up? Maybe. Probably. Certainly. Have a blissful week! XXX, MJ


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