I couldn’t watch! I really couldn’t! Just too exciting and nerve wracking. Nail bitingly nerve wracking. Screaming out loud nerve wracking.

Why do I even bother? It’s not my country electing a new president! I don’t have to live there! But, well, frankly, four more years of Trump would be unbearable and too horrible to contemplate. It’s making me sick to just see and listen to this orange oaf spurting lies whenever he opens his mouth. Seeing his petulant childish expression every day, no matter which news channel you watch or which newspaper you open, following his actions destroying his country and everything he touches. Looking at his track record, he’s nothing more than a common criminal. Every other normal human being would have been locked up either in the looney bin or in federal state prison. He’s just too slimy to catch and whoops, he escaped the law again.

And I let my imagination wander … just picture the following scenario: no one voting for Trump apart from his fellow criminal cronies and his family members. Wouldn’t that be nice? And then kick him and his horrible family out on their butts from the White House. Which would have to be disinfected and fumigated after their departure to get rid of the bad karma. And I remember the Netflix series “Designated Survivor” with Kiefer Sutherland as the only one remaining to take over as President. And now picture an America without the Trump clan … utter bliss!

For the past couple of days, I’ve tried to catch up on the news once a day only. Looking at the numbers, keeping my fingers crossed for Joe Biden. And being flabbergasted – once again – about how tight the race is for the most part. I just can’t comprehend that there’s even ONE halfway intelligent human being voting for this liar. And I couldn’t ignore his latest stunts: first, falsely announcing his win on election night, then filing lawsuits for recounts in those states he’s losing, AND delivering the most disgusting and “dishonest speech of his presidency” (CNN). Kicking democracy with his feet, claiming the Democrats are trying to steal the election, that mail-in voting is riddled with corruption and fraud, etc. etc. It’s frightening, it’s despicable, it’s dangerous. The pure evilness of this family makes me speechless. And I’m glad that at least some news channels cut him off in his speech and immediately stated correcting statements, laying open his lies.

Well, it’s Friday evening and the Electoral College stands at 253 for Biden and 213 for Trump. And the tension is huge. Will it be over by the time tomorrow I wake up tomorrow morning? I don’t think so. But I hope Biden will be even closer to the 270 votes he needs. Making Trump officially the loser he has always been. A total failure. But of course, we all know it won’t be so easy to kick him out of the White House. They will probably have to drag him out on January 20th, kicking and screaming like a toddler. Maybe this would be his heart attack to happen? Or a very bad stroke? I don’t want him to die. Oh no, I want him to suffer, being bedridden, unable to talk or move … and then, after years, he will be allowed to die. Just like the tens of thousands of Covid victims he has on his non-existent conscience. 

There certainly won’t be a peaceful transfer of power. That’s just not white-trash-Trump’s style. So, all that’s left to do is keep waiting and be patient. And praying (even me, as the least religious person around) and hoping that Biden keeps the lead and will become the next president of the United States of America. Uniting and healing the rift of his people, undoing the damage Trump has done in a mere four years.


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