I shouldn’t read the news! I really shouldn’t! I bet this was her stupid idea! Who else with no qualifications whatsoever could screw up so badly? I’m talking about the German answer to stupidity at its best! (Once again!) I mean, who else would make a Family Minister the Minister of Defence? Which qualifications does she have apart from some economics and medicine? Minister of defence? Pleeeaaase! Ridiculous! Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against women in high positions! But they should at least know what they are talking about. As in a high-ranking officer in the German army. Not a blond chick whose only achievements apart from being a politician – yeah, THAT’S a great accomplishment – is spending most of her time being pregnant to produce 7 kids.

Well, she’s out and now does her worst as the President of the European Commission. Why I’m so hopping mad? They have just announced to basically kill my Rangey! And to kill all other Diesel and gas fuelled cars. By setting their environmental goals so high that it will be impossible to achieve with regular cars. Because “electric cars are the future”. Yeah, right! Electric cars suck! With the current cars available – apart from their ugliness, Tesla excluded – it would basically take me two days to drive the close to 1000 km to Austria. With lengthy stops to recharge my CAR! The trip would take me longer than my actual stay! Going by train? Are you out of your fucking mind? Trains suck even more! They are overcrowded and never on time. And I wouldn’t have any means of transport to get to the small town I grew up in. Am I expected to take the bus then? Which runs approximately 4 times a day? Lugging around my luggage? Not being able to stock up on my Austrian food to take back to Germany, because the Germans are not able to produce the real deal? Their “half and half” potato dumplings are disgusting pieces of squashy, chewy things; their ketchup is inedible; their plum jam euw; good bread is hard to find if you don’t want it fluffy and dry but compact and moist; their schnitzel culture is non-existent; …

But I’m straying far from the topic. Again. Because I’m so mad! They are constantly talking about CO2 reduction! Those bad, bad cars! They are the enemy! Pure evilness! 

It’s all politics! And it seems those idiots have such a narrow mind that they don’t get the big picture. Far away from any reality! As usual!

Fact 1: Electric cars produce more CO2 in production for their batteries, making the difference to a regular car in what it produces in a lifetime not that significant. Not to mention the wasting of rare minerals …

Fact 2: Using coal powered plants to produce the electricity needed to load all those butt ugly electric mini cars is as far from CO2 efficient and “green” as me from the moon.

Fact 3: The infrastructure is just not there! The end!

Fact 4: They are either ugly (just look at the BMW i3) or even less affordable than a regular decent car (as in my Rangey).

Fact 5: Say goodbye to your freedom, your mobility, your choice to drive wherever you want without having to plan far in advance in order to find your loading stations on the way. Taking months to get to your destination. 

Well, there it is! It’s not that I don’t care about the environment! But one just has to stay reasonable … and not always condemn the cars. MY car! 


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