Relieved! I was so relieved! Joyously dancing around my apartment, shouting, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” Why? Because Biden will be the new president! Thank God! Trump is out! Thank God there are only 11 days left! 

After the first excitement and relief of Biden’s win and Trump’s failures again and again to overturn the election I became worried again. And still am! Extremely worried about the evilness of this man who has called himself the President of the United States for the past four years. I knew he wouldn’t go easily and the military would probably have to drag him out of the White House kicking and screaming … but the way he behaved these past two months is beyond anything I could have imagined. It just shows that he doesn’t care one bit about all those Americans dying from Covid-19. Nearly 350 000 lives lost by now. Still spewing lies about a rigged election, that it was stolen from him despite being thrown out from court case after case because there is just no evidence! Think about that: NO EVIDENCE! And his followers are still stupid enough to believe his evil lies and even donate money for his “fight against those democrats and the false election”. With the only goal to actually pay off his debts … nothing else. This evil human being just cares about himself and what he can gain in terms of money from the presidency. A grift. It’s that simple. He is a grifter and the presidency is his grift. (As very ingeniously described on CNN.) Not to mention doling out pardons like candy … plus the danger of pre-emptive pardons for his corrupt kids and even himself. A leader? A liar! Playing golf, hiding in the White House like a petulant child, not facing the facts and doing everything in his power to damage the country even more. And if you think it can’t possibly become worse, it does! Resulting in this week’s criminal behaviour in wanting Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to “find” 11000 votes … if this isn’t an abuse of presidential power, then I don’t know what. Apart from the minor issue of supporting his crazy supporters who stormed the Capitol in his name, with Trump smiling gleefully about all this and not taking measures to involve the National Guard. No, VP Pence had to step in and “saved the day” – I’m so disgusted I can barely breathe! January 20thcan’t come early enough! Every day he is out and about in his official capacity as the President, he is killing more people and destroying everything that’s in his way, firing people he doesn’t like or who dare to tell the truth, turning against HIM. Oh yeah, how could they! He is GOD! He is the winner! Trump doesn’t lose! … This is all wrong! This is just wrong! Has been wrong for too long! With horrid Republican senators still empowering him by backing him, thinking about their “future” instead of upholding the constitution and putting the country first. Disgusting! When will it stop? Who will finally stop him? And why hasn’t anyone put a stop to it a long time ago? Reigned him in? Closed down his Twitter and Facebook accounts for good, for example? Locking him up in an asylum? Because, he is just insane. Criminally insane. Cleverly disguised. I just see two options: 1.) He and his likewise evil kids are finally thrown behind bars for a long, long time, being made responsible for their actions, the fraud, the evilness, the racism, the sexual misconducts, the abuse of power … and killing American people. And 2.) I’m still hoping for the junk food induced fatal heart attack. Preferably while tweeting sitting on the toilet … what a fitting way to go for the scum of this earth …


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