Sometimes it’s hard to find those moments, those happy moments during those tough Corona times. Even though we’re finally on the way to beating it back through vaccinations. And the more people are vaccinated as quickly as possible, the better. The numbers are slowly going down but we’re still not quite there. Here in Germany, we’ve just started with group 3, the above 60-year-olds (apart from other risk groups). So, being in my mid 40s it will take another … couple of months? … to be among the lucky vaccinated ones. At least I’m already on my MD’s list … and then I hope some kind of normalcy will return to my life. Like shopping and beauty appointments without testing and appointments, having my coffeeshop Saturdays, taking trips, going out with friends, MEETING friends, …

Still, most of the time I’m quite happy. I try to make my life a happy one. To find pleasure in the little everyday things.

  1. My Amazon deliveries: every single one! (Mostly books, as you know by now!) Every time I receive my parcel it’s like birthday and Christmas together … 
  2. My books! Many, many happy moments with my darling books! Expanding my library and having plenty of unread books in store to choose from. It’s like my own little bookstore, with currently 62 books to pick the next one. My great pleasure apart from reading each and every book? Putting them in their right places, either according to colour, series or – reserved for my Austrian books only – the special shelves in my living room. Just looking at my books makes me happy.
  3. The latest speciality burger from McDonald’s or Burger King! Restaurants are still closed … so, whenever I see a new special burger I just have to have it. Recently, it was the Asparagus Sauce Hollandaise Burger. Quite an adventure to devour. I made quite a mess … luckily no one could see me at home!
  4. My balcony garden! Spring is here, my favourite time of the year! Giving me most happy moments! The happiness I feel by making my balcony spring ready, cleaning the furniture, hoovering the grass carpet, planting flowers and veggies. Especially this year, with barely a shop open or testing necessary, it was an exciting and wonderful trip to the garden centre to get soil and plants. For the first time ever I’m also trying my hand on growing potatoes and green beans in planting bags on my balcony. The pleasure when the first sprouts appear.
  5. My balcony … and every single minute I can spend outside in the sun! (Until it’s too hot …) But now it’s just perfect! A cool wind, the sun shining down on me, sometimes so hot I have to use sunscreen and open the umbrella. I love having breakfast outside, when everything is still quiet apart from the birds singing and the sun is just around the corner. I love reading outside, enjoying a glass of iced coffee. Or using my electric BBQ grill on weekends. 
  6. Cooking! Yes, trying a new recipe on the weekends is among my happy moments too! Together with the preparation – starting with choosing the recipe, writing the shopping list, buying the groceries … and looking forward to devouring the new dish. 
  7. Special DVDs evening! I have started to also expand my DVD library with Austrian cabaret and theatre DVDs. Saturdays I then usually enjoy one of those, accompanied with a small glass of egg liquor. After all, it’s special! What I’m going to do when I’ve watched those? I will go back to old classic movie nights to enjoy Cary Grant, Rock Hudson, the Carry on crew or just my favourite series …
  8. Tea or coffee time: especially on weekends I enjoy a slice of cake with Earl Grey – nicely prepared in a tea pot – or Latte Macchiato to go with it. A simple, small “everyday” pleasure which nevertheless makes me happy.
  9. Last but not least whenever my friend has time to stop by for half an hour or hour … very happy moments!
  10. Aaand … whenever my cat makes me laugh. Which is daily, thankfully. Just by being there, interrupting my home office days by bringing me his toy mouse – complaining loudly – to urge me to play with him for a couple of minutes. Or wanting food. Or …

What are your happy moments during those times? Wishing you lots of them! XXX, MJ


3 thoughts on “HAPPY MOMENTS

    1. Yes, it is! I love my books and looking at them in my shelves. I wish I had a real library, you know, the British manor style kind. Dark leather chairs, comfy sofas, dark green walls and books wherever you look … 😁


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