Or: My culinary birthday weekend! Oh darn! There it was again! My bloody birthday! Not that I don’t like my birthdays – well, most of the time, when I’m not too maudlin. It’s more like the knowledge of adding one more year. One more year closer to retirement (which is not such a bad thing, even though I still have about 20 years to go). One more year closer to … well …

Nothing much has changed since my last birthday, I’m still working from home – which I enjoy very much – and I still haven’t made a shopping trip or a one-day excursion since, well, forever. And frankly, I’m not in the mood yet. I hate wearing those bloody masks and avoid them as much as possible. So, that takes the pleasure out of mostly everything. That’s not my idea of an enjoyable trip to another city to stroll from one shop to another or having a coffee break. I want my normal life back. (Guess, I’m not the only one …) Well, at least I’ve just received my vaccination, so things are slowly improving.

Oops, I guess I have strayed from the topic I wanted to write about: MY birthday. Which I celebrated Sunday one week ago. The same weekday I was born. A Sunday child. How did I spend it? Just like everything else, I had planned it out in detail. And since it so beautifully fell on a weekend, I decided to have a birthday weekend instead of just one measly day. Starting with Saturday and a nice, relaxing breakfast on my balcony. Enjoying the rest of the day the way I basically do every Saturday: some writing, some puttering around, some reading. With the one exception of going out in the evening for high-end burgers at my most hated restaurant – the one with my Austrian emperors misplaced names – with  a friend. (Even though, I would have gone out alone too, if he had cancelled!)

Sunday, I originally had planned to treat myself to an American / British style breakfast including pancakes, fried bacon, baked beans and scrambled eggs. But, well, I decided, it’s too much work on MY birthday. And since, sadly, I don’t have my very own personal cook to spoil me … I just went with cake. Plan No 1 would have been the Ikea Daim cake. But I couldn’t get it, so I had to go with the substitute: Strawberry cheese cake. (And yes, I was also too lazy to bake birthday cake for myself!) Feasting on my cake, enjoying the flowers I got for myself and opening my presents. Which I had already ordered in advance and hidden away in one of my closets just like I did for Christmas. (Sadly, even though I had not planned to … I did go a little over the board once again, just like Christmas! Bad, bad me!)

Even though I had originally planned Cordon bleu with French fries for lunch … I was still in a burger coma from the day before … and just skipped it. It was too hot anyway … and rather spent the day reading outside on the balcony, cooling down with the culinary masterpiece of a banana split. With lots of chocolate sauce, of course.

And to top things off nicely, I watched the first Vienna cabaret DVD, accompanied by a Pina Colada cocktail and nachos with cheese sauce (what a combination!) Guess, the next weeks I’ll better live on salad and grilled chicken … or something similar lean. But … I enjoyed every single minute of my birthday weekend!



  1. My mouth is watering just look at your photos of beautiful and tasty food. It’s not too much I think and it will only take one week of Slimfast to lose any extra pounds–I have to do that whenever I have too good an appetite for two days. LOL.

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