Eye roll! Big eye roll! Sometimes I hardly know what to say, because it’s so ridiculous! The Muppets? Really? That’s just the last straw in ridiculousness when it comes to “political correctness”. I had to roll my eyes when I read that Disney included disclaimers at the beginning of old Disney movies. And now even Kermit has to suffer the same because of stereotypes and “negative depictions and/or mistreatment of people or cultures”. Oh please! Get real! The first Disney movie “Snow White and the seven dwarves” was released in 1937 … more than 80 years ago. A completely different time! “Dumbo”, with the crows displayed as Mexicans, is from 1941. Of course, it’s wrong to stereotype … but, one can’t change the past and it’s ridiculous not to make distinctions between the present and the past. Maybe I too should be pissed off that being an Austrian I will always be stereotyped as a Dirndl wearing voluptuous woman? Where do stereotypes come from? There’s always truth in them. Austrians still wear folksy clothes at certain occasions. It’s a tradition. Just like Mexicans wear colourful ponchos and large hats. Or Germans and their stupid shooting-fair get-up (white pants, green uniform style coat, wooden rifle).

Here in Germany we have such discussions as well – as if we didn’t have enough other problems! Politicians are discussing to change names like “Zigeunerschnitzel” (gypsy schnitzel). Which is disgusting anyway! Since the red pepper sauce covers the breaded schnitzel to make it soggy! Euw! Euw euw euw!

Or an old pharmacy had to change its name because it was called “Mohrenapotheke” (blackamoor pharmacy). Hm, I wonder what’s next? Will those whose surname actually is “Mohr” have to change their names too because it’s offensive, not politically correct and racist?

“Uncle Ben’s” rice logo is also among the much-discussed products, which will have to change its name into “Ben’s Original”. I think this is in the same range in stupidity as all this feminism stuff, with women being offended because they didn’t like to be just a “student”, “mayor”, etc. Oh no, there had to be female versions, displayed on every sign. Which would then look like “Student/in” in Austria. (Male and female student!) It’s true, that women still are at a disadvantage on the job market – well, if I were a human resource person I would think carefully too of employing a woman, especially if she’s fresh from university at best age. Wanna bet as soon as she is capable of earning the company some money, oops, she’s becoming pregnant? Then returing to work for a few months and getting pregnant again? I rest my case. 

Anyway, this is one of those topics I could rant and rave about forever … which I’m totally allowed to, being a woman. And luckily one, who doesn’t want to procreate and has no time and patience for kids. A cat is more than enough … which is why I used to raise this topic myself during job interviews, “And no, I don’t want children and have no plans whatsoever to have any …”

Straying from the topic? Yeah, that happens sometimes with me … anyway, what I really wanted to point out … some things are just not important enough to even think about. The world has much bigger problems than Disney movies and the influence they might have on kids. Guys, kids don’t have the brains to interpret anything at that age. Not like the way us stupid adults do … they either like a character or not. No matter whether it’s the Mexican crow or the American elephant …


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