I know, this is coming a bit late, since it’s already August and some kind of normalcy has returned to our lives here in Germany. But frankly, I was a bit stuck, so … 

Tuesday, June 14th 2021, 3:30 pm. A day to celebrate. The first time I’m “out and about” again. As in sitting at an ice cream parlour, without mask, without testing required. The numbers have gone down so much that they have finally decided to scratch the mask wearing requirements in the pedestrian street. As well as the testing stuff when sitting outside. I could hardly wait to finish today’s home office and the most important tasks … and head outside. Dressed normally for a change (since I used to live in jazz pants, T and sneakers the past months and didn’t bother to dress up for a quick outing to the grocery store). I’m even wearing high heeled yellow sandals with my gorgeous yellow Dune tote bag.

Such a pleasure. Sitting in the sun, enjoying banana split ice cream – even though it lacked originality. Next time I will have to tell them again, how it is made … and how I want it. As in: vanilla ice cream, no whipped cream and lots of chocolate sauce. Instead of: banana, milk and chocolate ice cream, cantaloupe melon as decoration and not enough chocolate sauce. Hardly any meal in Germany I don’t have to tell them how to do it … it’s tragic, really …

And my great afternoon just got better. My MD called to tell me that I would be vaccinated in two days’ time. And even better: I will receive the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which only has to be given once instead of the two-parters. Which also means that in roughly two weeks I’m fully vaccinated and can safely do whatever I want again. Going out for dinner, travel … and being more or less safe from this awful virus.

So, two days later I got my shot and was a bit concerned whether I would have any side effects, but apart from some muscle pain in my vaccinated arm, there was nothing. And I couldn’t be happier! Happy being back “in the land of the living”. Enjoying coffee, lunch and dinner outings with my equally vaccinated friends, looking forward to my Austria trip this fall to visit my vaccinated relatives and friends there.

Sadly, though, thanks to dropping numbers of infected people and serious cases, the numbers of people getting vaccinated are dropping as well, not showing up for their appointments with many doses having had to be disposed of. What a terrible – and expensive – waste. Those stupid, stupid people. They make me so angry I could kick their ass from here to the netherworld. I wish the government would take more drastic measures. Like: no restaurants, no traveling, no nothing without being vaccinated, since by now there is enough vaccine around so that everyone can get vaccinated quickly. My colleague mentioned with a smile, how “hard” I am. Yes, I am! Those who refuse to be vaccinated and those other stupids … they can rot in hell instead of dragging us back into high numbers and death due to the appearing virus variants. Which they help to emerge and distribute to all of us. And the best of it? They are begging to get the vaccines when they are lying in hospital on the brink of death. Well, your bloody fault! You had the chance! Too late! I don’t feel any pity with those people! Not when there’s no shortage of vaccine now!

Well, at least life for the vaccinated us is starting to improve. Let’s hope it stays that way! 


One thought on “OUT AND ABOUT

  1. Congratulations for getting your shots. Still have to be careful since Delta can infect anybody. I was a little worried that the number here is going up even as piles of vaccines are wasted. So many people around the world need vaccines and wait for them anxiously while in here they just wait idly and get expired.

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