… pissing me off. Who? The bloody German politicians and their way to handle the pandemic! They just don’t seem to have brains anymore nowadays. Where are the great ones? There are none! I wouldn’t know who to vote for – even if I were allowed to as an Austrian living in Germany – and that’s not only sad, it’s tragic.

What is pissing me off? (Or let me rather rephrase that, since it’s basically on a weekly basis!) What is pissing me off this time? Well, the whole pandemic issue, of course. Once again! And frankly, I just don’t get it! We have been living with the pandemic for one and a half years now! And last summer we were in the unlucky position that we didn’t have vaccines yet. Which we do have now! But with the Delta variant on the rise … We’re in the middle of the summer, in the middle of school holidays, in the middle of people traveling to the usual tourist hotspots like Spain and its islands, Greece, Turkey … and now the politicians are surprised that numbers are rising again? Just like last year? Really? NOW? No one could have seen that coming!? Of course not! How could they! After one and a half years of living with Covid. Only now, the government has decided that it might be a good idea to only grant fully vaccinated and convalescents “free” entry back into the country, without a negative test and quarantine, unless one comes back from a high-risk country. 

Well. Well, well, well! I presume the vaccine conspiracy theorists are going to decide that it might not be such a bad idea getting vaccinated after all. If this means that they will be excluded from the life of the vaccinated or at least at great costs. AND, I hope the brilliant idea (which, by the way, the Austrian government has already voiced weeks ago) of finally considering invoicing all kinds of previously free tests to the unvaccinated will take root and they won’t be so cowardly again to back off.

As I might have mentioned before … I seem to be surrounded by dumb people. A) Those on top and B) Those who see conspiracies everywhere and refuse to get vaccinated. Am I mad? Of course, I’m mad! Hopping mad! Because of those ignorants we have to suffer and I just hope the government finally wakes up and restricts their everyday life as much as possible, punishing them for their stupidity any way possible. I’m glad, my parents are not alive anymore and had to go through this. Those unvaccinated stupids would have been their death sentence for sure!


2 thoughts on “THEY JUST DON’T STOP …

  1. The number is rising in here too with alarming rapidity and it is very worrying. And I have seen that about half of the people around here refuse to wear masks anymore, but masks are still necessary in my opinion. Delta is very pernicious and spread much easier than the previous variants. Don’t know how bad it is going to get with all the kids back to school soon. It will be even worse.

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    1. Yes, I totally agree. Key are still the unvaccinated. Their refusal is something I just don’t get. We get vaccinated against child diseases, boreolose (from tick bites), tropical diseases, … depending on our travels. But with Covid they suspect microchip implants and crap like that. It’s ridiculous. And frankly, unpatriotic as well. Endangering everyone, straining the health system and their already exhausted workers.


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