OR: A new way how to make a total ass of yourself!

It hasn’t been that long when I vented my thoughts on the new politically correctness – or what ridiculous people think is not acceptable anymore. (Yeah, because the world doesn’t have any other problems!)

Coming across an article in the German low level newspaper “BILD” (more like the New York Post than the New York Times), which found the new “language guidelines for clever gendering” on the Homepage of the German city Bonn, I once again was totally flabbergasted. This feels just like those insecure feminists who needed to have the female version of everything – no matter how stupid. Don’t get me wrong, being a woman myself I’m all for equality in life and business, wages and job opportunities. But I always considered myself just an “engineer” or “student” without having to pronounce that I’m a female engineer or a female student. To me “engineer” includes men and women and I don’t care that it’s a male expression.

So, reading this article I got pissed off once again. (Like so often in the recent past when I have to suffer from the dumbness of the people who seem to surround me!) Let me give you a few examples what one is not supposed to say anymore:

  1. Spy: uuh, what a bad word! “The spy who loved me” will now have to be renamed to “The scouting out person who loved me”. Really? Does really anyone give a shit that spy and female spy are “discriminating” to those who don’t know what they are?
  2. Residents: all who live in this street. Yeah, brilliant!
  3. Policeman /-woman: police force (well, this is actually a common English word already used, but let me tell you, it sounds totally stupid in German in terms of “Polizeikraft”)
  4. Lawyers: members of legal profession. 
  5. Board of seniors: board for the third stage of life. Well, let me tell you, if I were part of something that is called like that, I’d be royally pissed off. “Third stage of life”? Who comes up with crap like that?
  6. Employer: a person who provides jobs. Yep. I will certainly call my boss that. “Hey, person who provides my job, could you please sign this?”
  7. King of marksmen (“Schützenkönig”): the person with the highest accuracy. Eye roll, eye roll, eye roll.
  8. Angler / fisherman: fish catching person, angler person. Yep. Exactly.

Seriously? Or to quote the great Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers “REALLY?” Another titbit the article mentions: in the Lübecker guidelines women are instructed how to talk about themselves. Because if “a woman talks of herself in the male form” then they are not “embracing their femininity”. Excuse me? Are you out of your fucking minds? Only insecure women would even give a shit! Or feminists who have nothing better to do than hate, hate, hate men …

How would you react if then someone asked you if you had training needs because you didn’t use those new guidelines and dared using a general expression instead of the female one? Frankly, I wouldn’t know how to react. I would be so disgusted and would probably jumped into this person’s face. Embracing not my femininity? I don’t need this crap to know that I am a woman! I’m a bloody engineer – and one of a few in my field -, being surrounded by mostly male colleagues. Every day I take part in meetings where I am the only woman – and you know what? Working with them is much more pleasant than with a bunch of bitching women … so, get lost with all this crap – which, by the way, is another way to senselessly throw out our tax money – and of all things, don’t ever dare to call me “a person who lives in this or that street”, “a person in her second stage of life” or “a person not embracing her femininity”. I’d probably kick your butt from here to the “planet which we call the moon”. 


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