Oh darn! Where has the year gone? Well, I don’t know! I really don’t know. It’s as if it had just been yesterday that I treated myself to strawberry cake in bed for breakfast, opening all the presents I had ordered and meeting up for birthday dinner at my favourite despised “Sissi&Franz” restaurant for burgers with a colleague of mine.

And now it’s here again, my birthday! One year older, one year wiser (yeah, as if) and one year closerto getting home.

This year, I had to take the day off – which I usually do – to celebrate myself. My birthday plans? A nice breakfast with fresh rolls, deli, fruit, yogurt … the whole shebang! And cake! Of course, I will have a birthday cake! Of the Ikea kind (Daim cake) bought myself. Yes, I admit it, I’m just too lazy to bake my own birthday cake. Even though I would crave to once again have the wonderful cake my mother always baked. A hazelnut cake with buttercream chocolate frosting and filling. And I guess, I would still enjoy it the way I used to in those days. Dissecting my slice of cake, first eating the cake itself, followed by the delicious cream. Oh my, I do miss this cake. I can’t even remember the last time I had it. It must be 15 years at least. At least!!!

Well, after a nice breakfast I will, once again, open the presents I got myself (what would I do without Amazon) and which I have been collecting since January. (With the next collection starting afterwards for Christmas …) So, there is a nice stack of parcels still hidden in my closet and since I’ve been collecting for many months, most of them will be surprises. Who remembers what one ordered in January, huh? I certainly don’t. Because, never again I will have a Christmas or birthday with no presents. Even if I have to buy them myself!

My joy will then continue by adding my new books (yep, my gifts to myself are mostly books, as usual) to my “unread book” list and store them away in the “unread book shelf”.

The rest of the day I will just enjoy, hopefully on the balcony when the weather is nice and either go out for dinner in the evening or order in (something I do quite rarely). Hoping, that this will be my last birthday in Germany and the next will already be back home in Austria. With friends and family …


5 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY, AGAIN!?

    1. Thank you so much! Well, yeah, I experienced one Christmas without any presents from anyone at all … so I decided to never want to experience something like that again and started with “gifting” myself … the first two amazon book parcels for Christmas are already stored on my now empty closet shelf. 🤣

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  1. My friends told me that they just love Ikea’s food, but I am too lazy to drive to the Ikea store which is about 30 miles from here. It is said they have the best and the most fresh food ever. I just can’t believe it. Well, happy birthday to you. I know. I hate birthday too since it is another year passing by. Big sigh….

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    1. Thank you very much!!! Luckily I could get the cake from a normal grocery store nearby. Otherwise it would have defrosted … I guess Ikea food is not bad. I hardly eat there. I’d rather cook at home or treat myself to real McDonalds junk food, a good pizza or burger (or Austrian food, of course, when I’m home)


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