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You didn’t really think, I would be done with two measly articles about the things that annoy me, did you? So here are even more things that annoy the hell out of me:

1.) Telephone hotlines – press 1, press 2, press 1 again … just to end up where you don’t want to be to receive the information you don’t want. And keep waiting for an actual person to pick up for hours. Literally. For hours. Phone companies seem to be the worst. Or anything else that has to deal with multimedia stuff. Or the parcel delivery services. Just don’t get me started on those!!!

2.) The German post office in particular – I’m regularly seeing red just by entering. They annoy me so much. Ridiculousness of the week? Having to present ID (no, my driver’s license is not enough to ID myself) for the ordered Austrian theatre DVD which is as harmless as the Muppets. (Oh, right, I forgot, the Muppets require a notification for the poor children who might suffer from childhood disturbances by the Muppets!) Or the postman (apart from one postwoman) who doesn’t manage to ring the doorbell when one of my used book deliveries doesn’t fit into the letter box. Even though I’m home, because I’m still working from home. Imagine my annoyance discovering the notification announcing “we couldn’t reach you at home, please pick up your parcel from tomorrow on …”. Stupid bastards!

3.) Bikers – oh boy, don’t get me started on bikers. As in those who sit on a bicycle and think they are the kings of the cities. I hate them with all my heart. Especially on country roads and in big cities where bikes seem to RULE. They annoy me to hell, they are of the opinion that THEY have every right! One of the worst city is Munster and I’m always glad when I have reached the parking garage I usually use without mowing down one of those bloody bikers.

4.) German traffic lights – as in switching from green to orange right away. Being scared every time I approach one of those it might switch all of a sudden and I will have to do an emergency break. Or just risk crossing at orange. I miss our Austrian lights, when the green light starts to blink announcing it will switch to orange in a moment, preparing you to either keep going – depending on whether it has just started blinking – or rather stop. 

5.) Spoons – as in being served spoons when ordering spaghetti. Hello? One does not eat spaghetti with spoons and forks. If you can’t eat spaghetti the Italian way, you better stick to normal pasta.  

6.) Cash only – no debit, no credit card! Yes, those places still exist. Especially in Germany, especially on small German islands, as it seems. For someone who is running around with 50€ max in her wallet and is used to drawing on of her cards all the time, it’s totally annoying to be told you can’t pay for your coffee, meal or souvenir with card. And especially now, in Covidtimes, where it was suggested to rather pay with card than with cash. Those bloody Covidinconsistencies …

7.) Speaking of which! Having returned from my weekend island getaway not too long ago, I was horrified that not once I was asked to provide prove of vaccination, recovery or being tested.What a disgrace to handle the pandemic.

8.) German hotels and their horrible pillows – yeah, it’s true. So far, it’s been the German hotels only – and I’ve been to plenty of other countries – where I constantly have to beg for a second or even third pillow. Every single hotel treated me to soft, flat pillows I just can’t stand. I need substance, I need structure, I need a pillow that supports my neck and head when I’m reading in bed at night. Fortunately, I brought Austrian, hard pillows with me on my move to Germany. I would have been totally lost!

Well, that’s it for now – once again. Will there be a “to be continued”? You bet! I’ll keep collecting the annoyances of life … or rather, my life!



    1. Good idea! 😁 There already have been a few “nice” and feel-good posts in the past … about the little joys in life. Like being on a ferry, watching the sea, fresh flowers, tea time, walks on the beach, breakfast on the balcony, … but it’s much more fun to write about the little annoyances … and the Germans do seem to have a knack for that 🤣 (to annoy me) 🤣

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    1. Oh no! I love spaghetti. Especially with Pesto Genovese … speaking of Spaghetti. As a child we used to vacation in Caorle at a nice hotel with breakfast and dinner booked. I remember how the hotel owner used to walk around at dinner and how disgusted he was about German guests (children) wanting spaghetti with ketchup … 😂 I still feel for him 🙈🤣. Especially since the Italian cuisine is just wonderful. Piccata Milanese, Risotto of all kinds, Vitello Tonnato, the best gelato, panini, prosciutto di parma con melone e antipasti … oh I can’t wait to visit Italy again.


  1. I agree. Bad pillows and people riding bicycles are the most annoying of them all. I really like spaghetti sauce on noodles. I mean any kind of spaghetti sauce. I order books too. Usually I order second hand books from Betterworldbooks and the postman will deliver them to my door.

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    1. I’ve had books from betterworldbooks as well. Sometimes I can get used books via German used book online store or from the UK. Isn’t it a delight to make a bargain? And I’m especially happy when the books are in really good condition with few or no creases.


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