Yep, I admit it. I don’t have a clue what to write about this week. Well, frankly, it’s been weeks since I’ve managed to write a whole piece. Sometimes I’m working on some of my half-finished ones, but mostly I’m living from previously finished articles which are my backup. And which are running low as well. Why? Why am I stuck? With no ideas what to write about? Well, there’s just not much going on in my life right now. Every day is the same with my beloved home office work and the weekends are not much different. Covid is still an issue, even though the media seems to have more or less forgotten about it. My next vacation is still weeks away (yippie, then I will finally have something to write about again) and my mind is occupied with my home country Austria.

I’m wrecking my brain … shall I write about my home office life? Been there, done that! About my cooking? Books? TV and movies? My cat? Yep, done too … Maybe I should start writing book reviews about the last books I read? Like “The victim” by G.D. Sanders, Heron Carvic’s “Miss Seeton”, Steven Brindle’s “Brunel: The man who built the world” or…? Nah, boring! I’m not good at writing book reviews anyway, getting hopelessly lost in details and confusing everyone in the process. What about politics? Gee, no, it would only want to make me scream and tear at my hair. Looking at the US with Trump still ruling the GOP and still not being thrown into prison for his crimes; looking at Russia and their despotic murderer who should be punished together with his gang of killers at the severest; looking at our own politicians which make me want to puke. Nah, I need to stop before I have to devour a whole box of chocolates – alcohol just isn’t my thing – to calm down. Or at least a cup of hot chocolate with melted mini marshmallows on top .

The inflation? Even worse! Because, who do we have to thank for this situation? This fricking mad ass again! And our stupid governments having made us dependent on one of the most untrustworthy countries. Genius! Now prices are rocketing sky high, which makes me so angry. Cause apart from the thousands of Euros I have to save up for my future move back to Austria, I have to deal with all the other costs rising and rising and rising. I’m truly grateful, though, for only being responsible for myself and my cat. Being able to live as frugally as possible with my used book orders being my only real vice.

Maybe I should treat myself to a coffee shop visit at least once a month? I don’t know why, but it is usually my inspiration and the words just seem to magically appear on the screen. 

Oh well, I hope I didn’t bore you endlessly with my senseless scribblings … I promise I will keep wrecking my brain for more interesting posts in the future. Toodle-oo!



  1. Hahaha, “devour a whole box of chocolates – alcohol just isn’t my thing – to calm down”. You really crack me up. I don’t think Trump will ever go to prison no matter what he did since it might cause a riot from the right wingers, which is the last thing to be desired right now. Wish the inflation will calm down and the gas price will be back to normal, but that might be too much to wish for. Wish you can warm up your place this winter without having to lose a fortune.

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    1. Sadly, I think you are right! But one can always hope just imagine Trump dressed in old-fashioned striped prison clothes … shackled … Yeah, I too hope everything will go back to normal soon again. But I fear it will be years. At least the Ukraine seems to be making progress in ousting the Russian army who had no right at all to invade … let’s hope for the best!


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