I know what you are saying now: Every season has its perks and beauty. And I agree. But still, there are always seasons one prefers to the others.

Spring: Definitely my favourite one. When the days become longer, everything starts to grow and bloom again, desperate for sprucing up the balcony. Fresh plants, sowing salad and radishes and tomatoes, watching the sprouts become larger day by day. And sitting in the spring sun again as soon as it’s getting warm enough, reading, having coffee or tea and enjoying spring.

Summer: Hate the heat and the humidity. But I immensely enjoy weekend mornings on my balcony, having a leisurely breakfast outside, later enjoying some sun before shutting myself into my apartment, leaving the heat outside … and, of course, harvesting my own produce from my little balcony garden.

I remember being a young girl, the summer days spent at the lake or weekends at our mountain retreat apartment, where we used to barbecue regularly and light a fire in the little oven in the evenings. Haunting the surrounding woods, collecting wood and picking flowers. Summer to me now are those two months after my birthday when I’m one of those working – due to not having kids – hoping for not too high temperatures and enjoying the one or other ice cream sundae outing.

Fall: Oh, I love fall! I love the cooler evenings and the still sunny and warm days. The autumn colours. Still being able to sit outside on the balcony to soak up some sun and have at least coffee or tea, even though it’s already too cold for breakfasts. Fall is also the time I usually take my two-week vacation. Mostly in September, in the hope of still nice weather. October is my “orange” month, putting upsome fall and Halloween decoration. Slowly getting prepared for rainy and foggy November with afternoon teas and my murder mysteries until …

Winter: Snow, I love snow, I love driving in fresh snow, I love skiing. I love the fresh, crisp air. What I don’t love? The short days, needing artificial lights until the late morning, the cold apartment, wondering how long I manage not to switch on the heating. But then … Christmas time is coming and I very much enjoy the festive season, the Christmas markets, the advent Sundays, not in the least stressful for me. January is probably the worst, dull and long. With February and March being happy about the days becoming longer again.

It’s December now, only a couple of weeks away from Christmas and I’m grateful that I’m able to enjoy this season again, because a few years back it was the worst season for me and I hope I will never have to go through that again.



  1. Yes, Christmas is the best time and there are so many holidays lining up, from Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, to Lunar New Year. I just love the season, and best of all, it is not cold at all this winter, although this might not be a good thing. Wish you a great holiday and a lot of happy time …

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