I’m disappointed! I’m really disappointed with myself! Compared to 2021 with 309 read books, I only managed 215 books this year. Even though my life has not been that different to 2021, with home office life, more quality time, going to bed early to read … so why, oh why, only so few books? Hm, I guess I have been watching a little more Netflix and DVDs. And often fell asleep early. And I did less after-work afternoon reading. So, there you have it!

However, let me reminisce about some of the English and American authors I read this year – since you won’t be interested in the Austrian and German books I devoured.

1.) Donald Bain: Yep, I’m still working through the Murder, she wrote books I have in my unread book storage. And I still enjoy Jessica Fletcher’s adventures all around the US and the world. Especially with Grand Dame Angela Lansbury’s death in 2022, those novels are even more precious to keep her memory alive. Even though she was a marvel on the stage as well.

2.) S.J. Bennett: The Queen, her Majesty investigates in “The Windsor Knot”. Having bought it a couple of month before the Queen’s demise, I only read it last month and could picture this grand lady residing at Windsor, walking her corgies. My opinion? A compliment to a terrific monarch!

3.) Emily Brightwell: I can hardly believe I only read three of the Mrs Jeffries Victorian mysteries. Where did the year go? Mrs Jeffries, her household and friends helping Inspector Witherspoon solve his cases without him knowing … lovely characters and it was not exactly my intention to only read three in the course of the year. I must still have about 10 of the series left. A joy every time!

4.) Simon Brett and his entertaining series surrounding aristocratic twins Blotto and Twinks(with Twinks being the clever twin). I came across him and his Blotto and Twinks series at CrimeFestand they are hilarious.

5.) Heron Carvic and some more of his quirky brolly-wielding lady Mrs Seeton, who always manages to cause chaos and get the villain in the end, also thanks to her prophetic drawings. What I like least? The time being the 70s. It’s just not my preferred era.

6.) Martin Edwards – who I also met at CrimeFest – and his new series with protagonists Rachel Savernake, heir and Jacob Flint, journalist. A fascinating woman with a fascinating past. I can’t wait for Blackstone Fell and Sepulchre Street to be available.

7.) Tim Glister and his two 60s spy thrillers – also fresh from CrimeFest. I loved them, diving into Cold War London, following Richard Knox. And I just discovered that his third book will be out next May! Yay! It’s already on my booklist, of course it is!

8.) Ann Granger: so many awesome series and I still have the one or other stored in my not-yet-read book shelf, like the Mitchell and Markby series orCampbell and Carter. However, I read most of her Inspector Ben Ross and Lizzie Martin mysteries, back in Victorian times and I love the way she switches writing between Ben’s point of view and Lizzie’s.

9.) T.E. Kinsey: Lady Hardcastle and Flo are on it again. And their latest adventure is already waiting among my Christmas gifts for myself. I also read his two books of his second series featuring the Dizzy Heights – a jazz band – in the 20s, who were introduced in one of the Lady Hardcastle mysteries. They are quite different in style, faster paced. But a great cast of characters and thrilling cases. Sadly, it seems, Tim won’t continue with the Dizzy Heights mysteries. All I can say … I loved reading them as much as I love the Lady Hardcastle mysteries.

10.) Andrea Penrose: Wrexford and Sloane mysteries of Regency London. Apart from the thrilling cases the unusual relationship between Lord Wrexfordand fallen on hard times Charlotte Sloane (and her two “adopted” urchins) with many secrets still to be discovered is quite fascinating and one just wants to read one after another to explore more of them.

11.) G.D. Sanders and his two novels surrounding DI Edina Ogborne, having been transferred to Canterbury Police. I enjoyed them very much – despite not being historical mysteries. Ed is a complex character and apart from her thrilling cases running against time, one likes to be part of her new life and how she will cope. I really hope more Ed books will follow.

12.) MJ Trow: one of the surprises this year. Lestrade– the inspector from the Sherlock Holmes stories – is the main character of this great series. I’ve only read one so far but I liked it very much and had to laugh out loud at times. The next ones are already on my wishlist for future purchases.


Of course, with 215 books under my belt this year, there were many other authors I enjoyed immensely: like Mick Finlay and his Victorian Arrowood character, Mark Ellis and DCI Frank Merlin in 40s London (both of whom I also met at CrimeFest), Carola Dunn and Daisy Dalrymple, Carole Lawrence, Lawrence Block, Amy Myers, Dorothy L. Sayers, P.G. Wodehouse, Bob Woodward, … not to mention many Austrian authors – mysteries, non-fiction and biographies.

Many, many books are still waiting for me to be read and every time I have to choose which one to read next is exciting in itself. What will 2023 bring? Which authors will dominate? Apart from the usual suspects? I will have to wait and see! Happy reading, you all!


12 thoughts on “215 BOOKS

  1. Goodness! I’m impressed by the authors you read, and the number of books. I must be a VERY slow reader since according to my annual data from Goodreads I only read 33 books! And, I’m retired from work! Also, Happy New Year!

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  2. Wow, you are such an avid reader. I mean really really avid. I only know P.G. Wodehouse and don’t know any of the other authors. I have to say thrillers and detective stories have its huge appeal. Although I don’t usually read them, I read several for the Christmas holiday like “sharp objects” and “The perfect son” etc. It is quite thrilling and engaging…Wish you will read more in 2023. I have to say netflix and hulu really have a lot of good shows. It’s like a flourishing of independent movie (video) productions with all the creativity etc. Wish I have more time to watch them. LOL…

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  3. And here I am aiming for 24 books each year. How the heck do you have time to read so much? Of course, if I turn off the TV, I would read way more, too.
    Wonderful, MJ!

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    1. 😂 I go to bed real early to read, enjoy the weekends reading a lot. I guess my book consumption will be way less once I’m back in Austria hopefully sometime this year. With a different job and my friends and family close by. 😁

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      1. I can understand. I used to be an avid reader. Then blogging came in and that’s a major time-suck and work gets in my way too 😉
        I’m promising myself to give myself more time for reading!

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