Well, you should be used to my “Best of” posts by now. And rest assured, there will be other “Best ofs”as well. And since I’m a little short on other, more interesting / more personal scribblings, you will have to suffer through my yearly best and worst of anything I can think of articles. To make it even more boring, my awesome “Best of” list is limited to Netflix. Since A) I don’t have regular TV and B) I also don’t have anything else like Amazon Prime, Sky, Disney, Apple and whatever else is out there … So, here it goes!

1 Gotham: Oh boy, I loved this series. Even though I was sceptical at first because I knew it would be a dark series. Maybe too dark. But I started to enjoy it and its characters very much. Even some of the villains. Penguin is just adorable, no matter what he does. I didn’t like the Joker, though. Too psychotic. Bruce Wayne’s developing nicely and Mr. Pennyworth is just marvellous. Probably my favourite character of all with his British accent, style and awesome (fighting) skills. Jim Gordon is quite complex, trying to do the right thing with buddy Harvey Bullock in contrast. A truly great series.

2 The Arrow / The Flash / Supergirl – Universe: While having watched the Arrow in 2021, I enjoyed the spin-offs very much. Especially since they are “lighter”, funnier, tying in beautifully with each other. I love the crossover episodes most, of course and would have liked to really watch them in a row, jumping from one series to the other.

3 The Lincoln Lawyer: Having read the book ages ago it all came back while watching the series and I enjoyed it very much. What’s more to say about Michael Connelly’s creation? Lawyer Mickey Haller, finally back at work, a thrilling case, LA at its best and hopefully Netflix will adapt the other Haller books as well.

4 The good cop: Sadly, just one season available on Netflix. What’s not to love about Italian crookTony and his stuck-up police son? We all remember Tony Danza on “Who’s the boss?” What fun to watch him walking the tight rope between being a crook and remaining honest.

5 Wednesday: Awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. A brilliant young actress portraying the barely moving a face muscle “Addams family” teenage daughter, being shipped off to a new school of others with powers. Twists and turns wherever you look and I would have never guessed who the “monster” was until the very end. For once, a teenage series that didn’t annoy me thanks to annoying – well – teenagers.

6 Bridgerton: Of course, the Bridgertons are on my “Best” list as well. Again. I was a little disappointed at first that the handsome Duke wouldn’t be part of season 2. But since it revolved around the oldest Bridgerton brother, the other characters were only side charactersanyway. Wonderful settings, wardrobe, style and stories. But, and here is the big BUT, Kate was a bit annoying at times.

7 The Crown: well … what can I say. Well-madeagain, but I preferred the early seasons better. Maybe because the Diana drama is still fresh inmy mind and I suffered with them all when their marriage broke up. Thankfully, not everything evolved around the then Prince and Princess of Wales. The Margaret episode was quite lovely, as tragic as it was when one considers that she was not allowed to marry the love of her life. And the Al Fayed background was quite fascinating. Anyway, I dread the coming season with Diana’s tragic accident …

8 The Green Glove Gang: what a refreshing series from our neighbouring country Poland. Three elderly lady burglars hiding out at a retirement home. Being quite reluctant at first, they start to really care about the other residents, which is being reciprocated manifolds. A truly entertaining series!

9 The IT Crowd: I know, I know! Anything but new! But since I never watched it I took the plunge 16 years later and had quite fun with its British sitcom quirkiness.

10 Of course I also followed up on the new and partly final seasons of The Umbrella Academy, The Witcher, Virgin River, Locke & Key, etc.


Oh, by the way? Not on Netflix but old-fashioned DVDs, I immensely enjoyed Rowan Atkinson as “Black Adder”. Brilliantly hilarious! Have a great TV year 2023!


9 thoughts on “BEST TV SERIES SEEN IN 2022

  1. Interesting choices. Most of which I have not watched! I am going to start Gotham, as this was one I though, meh… I was also considering Wednesday, so thanks for the nudge.
    Bridgerton, I agree with everything you said.
    The Crown – the one who plays Diana surprised me. She’s quite good and let’s face it, Domenic West is way too handsome to be Charles!
    Umbrella Academy & Virgin River were okay too.

    I really enjoyed Firefly Lane – was pleasantly surprised.
    Extraordinary Attorney Woo is fabulous (in Korean with subtitles but still wonderful).
    Last season of Dead to Me finished well, considering.

    Fun stuff!

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    1. I totally agree. “Diana” is brilliant. Uncanny. She must have studied her extensively and watched whatever’s available about her.
      Dead to me is still on my list. Happy 2023 watching 😁

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      1. Maid? No, doesn’t ring a bell. But we can’t see all series here in Germany. Oh … if you get a chance … The Green Glove Gang, a Polish series (8 episodes) with English synchronization is just lovely. But I don’t know which countries it can be watched.

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    1. Yeah, unfortunately 🤣. Currently I’m watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on DVD cause I’ve read nearly all of the Kerry Greenwood books on which the series is based. So difficult to find time for work and books and TV and a little bit of social life 🤣

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