Been there, done that! And now I’m at it again! It’s so frustrating. Sometimes it’s so frustrating! Prices are rising everywhere and sometimes I don’t know where else I can save a few Euros. Remember the time when my car court suit was hanging above my head like a sword as I didn’t know how much everything would cost just to receive my right and punish the evil car dealer? Now I’m kind of feeling similar. Just without the depressive episodes, thankfully. But knowing how much the move back to Austria will cost me (the move itself, security deposit for the new apartment, importing my car and paying an extra tax that only exists in Austria, some new furniture and all the other small stuff piling up …) it’s especially frustrating with costs climbing higher and higher for everyday life. Not knowing whether the worst is still to come in the winter months.

How do I do it? Well, I can’t change the fixed costs, of course. But I try to live cheaply when it comes to everything else. Like barely going grocery shopping, checking offers, barely going out – once a month dinner with a friend, once a month getting take-out – and trying to reduce my Amazon book orders. But well, this really is my biggest vice and considering that others have kids with monthly expenses of sports training, musical lessons and whatever costs there are with kids around … I’m getting off cheaply with my picky cat and my book (especially used book) orders. 

Which doesn’t change the fact, that saving money is always on my mind and top priority. Sometimes it seems as if the past ten years were nothing but me in extreme savings mode. Trying to build up an emergency fund, the car issue, vacations, the move-in together move, the move back to where I started move (which cost me a big bundle of what I had saved on costs by living together with someone), recouping my losses and now my even bigger venture just to get back to Austria. It’s a dilemma, really. Sell most of my furniture and buy new in Austria? Bite the bullet by taking as much as possible and paying the additional transport costs? After all, even though Ikea furniture can be sold quite well, I’m lucky to receive half of what I paid for it. I’m trying to find a compromise by selling some and keeping the rest. For now. Until I know the layout of my new apartment and what I can actually take. And until everything is settled in ways of a new job and new apartment, I’ll keep putting away as much as possible into my savings account so that I won’t have to use up all of my emergency funds or take out a loan just to get back home.

Happy savings and better economic times for all of you!



  1. Wish you the best for your back home journey. Yes, moving has always been costly and what you described here is really clever and practical. And it is so true that having a relationship is very costly for women who have already established herself professionally and economically. And me too with Amazon and audible book cost. I tried to make the best of all the deals and order from for 2nd hand books, which actually imposed $1 shipping fee on every book several months ago.

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    1. Thanks! Occasionally I get books from betterworldbooks too … 1$ shipping fee is awesome! Here it’s usually 3€ per book but all together mostly still cheaper than new. I love getting used and discontinued books from British libraries with the lending sheet and stamps inside, or even notes. Makes it more interesting and a book with history. Especially if it’s still in good condition and not too many creases in the binding. My books are part of the reason why the move is getting more expensive. 🤣 Needing between 20 and 30 banana boxes extra 🙈😂

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      1. Wow, you want to keep your books? You really love your books. That’s a true book lover. It is true that I love my book highlights and wish I can store all my highlights somewhere and throw away the book. So far I haven’t been diligent enough to get to that. LOL. Wish you a great move back to Austria and a great life with love and friendship and everything!!!

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      2. 😂Yes, I do love my books. I love looking at them on my book shelves. Even though I have given away many over the years. … Thanks for your lovely words and good wishes!!!

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  2. When my company recruited employees to move, they finally added a $1500 Intangible benefit to the Relocation Package to recognize all the little time consuming requirements of a move like getting a new library card, arranging for utility hook ups, finding new babysitters, etc..


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