Ha, and I thought I wouldn’t have anything to write about! Lucky me, something did happen … and I’m not quite sure yet whether to be totally annoyed or laugh out loud due to its ridiculousness.

Let me start at the beginning! I was informed a couple of days ago that I had used an inappropriate “tone” towards the department head from this other department. Because, let’s face it, I’m faaar beneath him and that’s a no go! 

The example he used? An email I had written recently, in which I had politely requested information regarding “internal clarification about who would be able to perform the tasks”. And yes, as is my inappropriate way, I did use the words “please”and “thank you”. Anyway, my boss was quite flabbergasted because he couldn’t see anything wrong with my email. Considering that the exact same guy actually had used an inappropriate tone recently by nicely telling me on Teams when I told him to ask another colleague since I didn’t have more information either, “I don’t think you have to explain my job to me” … This exact guy dares to complain about a perfectly polite and normal email? Seriously? 

By the way, this guy who joined the company and my previous department (later than me), WAS a regular colleague at the same professional level! And by the way, since he was not the most collegial guy, who hit a wrong chord on a regular basis towards other colleagues as well as the lady from the Currywurst truck (just to name one), it was suggested he move somewhere else professionally. Unfortunately, due to restructuring he actually moved up the professional ladder – what a disaster for his new “minions”, resulting in one of them quitting soon after! (Another advantage of home office! Imagine running into this guy on a daily basis … I shudder at the thought and probably would have had to take my happy pills again if I were part of his team!)

And by the way, everyone he gets into contact with, is in a constant eye-rolling situation just when his name is mentioned. Or his name pops up in a Teams call. Or another email arrives. (In atrocious mother-tongue German or even more atrocious English. Grammar, comma rules, capitalization, spelling … non-existent, which makes me cringe embarrassedly!Particularly when I have to read English emails being sent to customers.)

And I wonder! What’s wrong with this guy? How can someone with so little social competence be head of a department not to mention land a job at all where other people are involved? Alienating everyone he comes into contact with? God complex? For sure! He definitely thinks he is God’s greatest gift! Paranoid? No doubt! An awful human being who treats other human beings like crap? Yep!

Frankly, I cannot take someone like him seriously. And I certainly cannot respect such a person. Respect has to be earned and my respect for him has gone down the drain a loooong time ago.


3 thoughts on “HIGHLIGHT OF MY DAY?

  1. He sounds like a narcissist who imagines himself to possess great merits and he wants everybody around him to kowtow to him. Growing up with narcissists, I am really familiar with such personalities. Such a person would eventually self implode, but in a hierarchical system or an institution that respects seniority, such a person is protected by the rigid structure and continues to wreak havoc on people around him.

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