It all started as a kid … of course it did … well, I’m not THAT old to have seen the original series in the 60s when it first appeared on our screens … but in the 80s … which is very, very long ago too. And even though I have seen most episodes of the other TV series (The next Generation, Voyager, Enterprise,Discovery, …) I’m a hard-core fan of the original series. It’s so wonderfully tacky. But classic. And at those times ingeniously open-minded, current topics cushioned into an alien world. Nazis, the Cold War, interracial love … nothing was sacred. It was the first time a white man kissed a black woman on TV. Imagine that! The scandal!!!

Well, I guess, lots of thesis have been written about the psychology of Star Trek. Interpreting every single occurrence, relationship, evil rulers … what a fun project!

To me it’s just entertainment. I love the bad costumes, the rocks bouncing around when thrown, the “beaming”, the unmovable Spock with exactly two different facial expressions, the fake fighting and the Tribbles. Of course, that’s my absolutely favourite episode. Even though you could see Kirk moving his fingers in order to have the Tribble in his hand move too … it’s hilariously funny. Which is why I appreciate the “Enterprise” series from 2001 even more, explaining lots of things that happened in the original series – timed before “Star Trek” from the 60s. And the differences in make-up and costumes … just like the blue Andorians with their moving feelers. Lovely. (And the title song from “Enterprise” is my absolute favourite!)

Of course, the latest two series “Picard” and “Discovery” have crossed over my screen as well. And even though I did enjoy watching them, one can’t help feeling sorry for ancient Patrick “Picard” Stewart whose age you can clearly see. Nice to encounter his old crew and follow his new adventures. Unfortunately, I separated from my then-partner in the middle of the series and never got to sign up to Amazon Prime afterwards, never being able to watch the end of the series. Maybe one day I will. (Just like missing out on further episodes of “The Grand Tour” with Jeremy Clarkson). 

When it comes to Discovery, I managed to see the first three season and enjoyed the young Spock, Michael Burnham, her friends and crew exploring and having new exciting adventures. Waiting for season 4 to appear on Netflix. Just to realize … nope, won’t be on Netflix anymore. What a shame, but it didn’t really make much of an impact to me, since I’m more the original series junkie anyway.

Star Trek – to me it will always be the original series, which I love dearly!


3 thoughts on “A STAR TREK LOVE AFFAIR

  1. I really got into Star Trek the Next Generation with a former beau. I was recently re-watching the original series but I change streaming services before finishing… alas.
    I actually love Picard (maybe because my father looked so much like Patrick Stewart) and am amazed that at 82, he is still performing.
    I think I have some catching up to do…

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  2. I’ve never watched Star Trek despite having several friends who are so passionate about it. One of them even forced me to watch one of the episodes with a woman captain with him, but still I couldn’t get into it. I don’t understand why. I guess I am just a little obtuse, but I did try and couldn’t get it. I’ve never been interested in science fictions or fantasy novels etc. It is very hard to explain even our own interests–why we like certain things but not others…

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