It all started … but you already know that. You know that one year ago my plan started to take form to get back home as quickly as possible.

Well, the initial plan to move my current job to the subsidiary in Austria and comfortably work from my home office there has vanished into thin air. Resulting in my decision to look for a new job, as sad as I am that I will have to leave a job I immensely like and colleagues I immensely enjoy working with. But, as you might have realized by now – just like everyone else – my priority is to move back home. As soon as possible. (And yes, I fear the day I will have to say goodbye to HIM, my special friend! Something I cannot bear thinking about yet …)

My planning actually started many, many months ago. Collecting the first banana boxes to pack for my fall trip to Austria. And after my short September vacation the real planning started. The employees of my two favourite grocery stores within walking distance were either smiling or sighing occasionallywhen I hit them with an “Any empty banana boxes for me today?” at least twice a week. Well, what else was I supposed to do? I had estimated that I would need approximately 180-200 banana boxes for all the stuff distributed throughout my 100 sqm apartment. And one just can´t manage to collect this amount in a matter of a couple of weeks. Particularly, since I only managed to carry four boxes back home in one go. And, compared to my other moves, I had to discover, that the large stores would not keep back and reserve boxes, so you were either in luck when driving there or not … how annoying! Hence, I mostly just graced those two stores close-by and carried them home like a crazy cardboard box collecting person.

By the way, shortly before Christmas I had reached my goal, collecting 165 boxes, the amount I actually need! How I know? Gee, how to explain without sounding like a complete nutcase? Oh well, there it goes. Whenever I brought home empty boxes I started to pack them with items not needed for everyday life. Like my photo albums, read books, DVDs, decorating items, etc etc. I even trial packed some boxes for later packing, making notes what issupposed to go into – let’s say – box number 58 and in the course of time, I could reduce my initial box estimate by more than 30 boxes. Which will be quite some space saved in the moving truck. 

And yes, I do have a detailed list on paper (and in Excel form) to quickly find which item is in which numbered box in case I do need something from one of them. Did you expect anything less from organized list lover me?

Now, it’s the beginning of March, my first job applications have been sent out, I’ve had my first interviews and others lined up and my apartment looks like a big box storage area, with the first pieces of furniture either already sold or still available on ebay. Pieces I know I won’t take with me. A more detailed moving and furniture plan will only be possible when I have A) a new job and B) a new apartment. Trying to be prepared as well as possible.

Until then I’m living with emptied out shelves with only my unread books still displayed, empty glass cases, bare walls and the mere necessities in terms of dishes, mugs and cooking equipment. My plants are basically providing the only decoration at this point.(Having sold or given away some of them as well!Approximately 15, I think!) Weird, right?

And on top of that I only spent around 20 bucks for groceries this past month … trying to use up stored groceries and frozen food. Trying to empty out my freezer as well. Which is hard work, believe it or not! Not knowing how long I still have, it might be a few weeks or a few months. Being in some kind of limbo until everything is settled and my long way home will come to an end! Being back where I belong!


32 thoughts on “THE LONG WAY HOME

    1. Thank you so much, Joanna!!! Oh they realize that in the interviews. It’s also customary at some big companies to do a personality test which shows exactly how I am, that I’m organized, team oriented, disciplined and reliable. My cat will come with me, of course. He got used to the little changes of boxes replacing some furniture and loves to jump around on them. The higher, the better 😂. He will have to get used to being more alone, though. Since home office will probably only be two days a week in a future job. But for now and until a new job is here we are enjoying the luxury of so much home office 😁. Have a great weekend, Joanna!


      1. Diego … which was given to him by his previous owner. I always wonder what I would have called him … mostly I call him “Spatzi” anyway 😂. “Spatz” is an endearment, translated as sparrow. 😺


      2. Actually, he was living with a young woman who couldn’t keep him because he couldn’t deal with her little child. He was named after Diego from “The Lion King”. Which at least is a nice name patron 😸. I’m not much of a football fan 🤣. Do you have pets, Joanna?


      3. I am not football fan either. The Lion King, yes!

        I have a wildlife garden and my family are all the creatures there. I was adopted by someone’s two cats who go home at the end of the day, but think my blankets are nice. I used to rescue various creatures but now I just write.

        If you have a moment, please look up my posts at:

        If you put in Google it will take you directly to my last one about The Secret Garden and the healing power of nature.


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      4. Beautiful! A real haven! I have lots of plants in my apartment – usually – now I have given away a lot of them and will only take some with me back home. And then enjoy stocking up on new plants. And hopefully will have a balcony again to enjoy some “gardening”. 😊


  1. You are so wonderfully organised. Of course, moving from one country to another is very different than moving 450m away (like I did). Everyone asked why I bothered moving, if it was so close. The size of the house is a huge difference! Anyway. I am confident that you will find the job that suits you best and I wish you lots of luck!

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    1. Thank you so much! Patience and some luck are required in the job hunt “game”. The right job will come, I hope 😁. I moved twice during my student years, first into a larger place but farther away from my work and university and then back into town with a few minutes away to my work and university. So I totally understand. Apart from the work required, it’s always exciting to be somewhere “new”.

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      1. Me too 🤣. Twice in the past ten years here in Germany. Good luck with your job search as well! The right job will come for us! After all, we are valuable employees!!!

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      2. Thank you. I admit to not looking overly hard. I’ve made some bad choices in the last three years. Now I want to take my time to find something that suits ME.

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      3. Good plan! That’s why I’m only applying for jobs I can absolutely imagine doing. I would be an awful sales person, for example, and not happy with such a position. And life is too precious to be stuck in a job that makes you unhappy.

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  2. Oh, you are so organized. You can be the head of the planning department. And moving is a good way to get decluttered, like what Geoff Stamper said. Wish you find a great job and a great apartment. I wish you can bring your cat with you. Can animals cross the border without being bothered? You are very brave. Moving can be very emotional…


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