I need shoes … and a bag too

What? Again? Is the unsympathetic reaction from HIM. And I’m starting to explain, “Well, Darling, I’ve got this new dress you urged me to buy and I don’t have a single pair of shoes that go with it! Oh, and of course I need a new bag too!”

He, with a hint of desperation in his voice, “But, Baby, your closet is stuffed with shoes and bags! You even had to expand your walk-in closet … by cluttering the hallway with an additional large shoe rack, which is already bursting from the seams with all your shoes! I only have three pairs!”

Sounds familiar? Thought so! Men will never understand the importance of finding the perfect pair of shoes to be properly dressed for taking out the garbage. (And of course, we’ll never find the perfect pair of shoes, since we always look for and buy new ones!)

Corpus delicti this time is a cute olive green lacy shift dress, next time jeans, another time nothing but a negligé and I NEVER have shoes that go with either outfit! So, what do I do? I drag him with me from one shoe store to another – cause he has the credit card, which is not overdrawn yet -, trying on hundreds of shoes, buying a dozen and still haven’t found a pair that would look perfect with my olive green dress. (Hey, finding shoes in exactly the same shade of my dress is not easy! Give me some slack, guys!!!)

It’s a hard life us women live. Always on the search, never stopping, never passing a shoe store without going in. And above all our guys never understand the trouble we’re in! Although, sometimes you could really feel sorry for these poor sods we’re taking along. But where is the fun in shopping for shoes if HE doesn’t tag along? WHO are we going through all this for? Yes, that’s right, we all do it for THEM! The guys in our lives! They want us to look nice, pretty, sexy … every minute of the day. They want us to be housewives, business women, hookers, mothers, supermodels … all in one! And how, I ask you, can we achieve that without the proper shoes??? Or do you know which pair you’re going to wear for Christmas dinner? Or lunch with his parents? Or the wedding you’re invited to, where you actually might catch the wedding bouquet? Not to mention all those other occasions? Not to forget vacations! One needs several pairs of sandals, mules, sneakers, wedges, kitten heels! You name it, you need it!

The simple answer is: we don’t know what we’re going to wear on every pre-planned occasion! Guys, you just have to endure it! Be patient, just let loose a little sigh, pull your credit cards without grumbling and never, NEVER EVER tell us we have enough shoes at home! A woman can never have enough shoes!!! (And bags too!!!)



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