It’s the end …


… of the month and once again I’m totally broke. My bank account is wiped clean as if someone had threatened to punch me if I didn’t give him all my money. But, of course the only perpetrator is ME! ME alone! I’m the one who constantly runs from one ATM to the next to get the next 50 bucks because I’ve seen something I just have to have. (Alright, you caught me! Mostly I pay with my debit or credit card anyway! But the imagination of myself running around looking for ATMs is so much funnier, isn’t it?)

Living in a town with a decent shopping center is evil. It’s evil because there are so many temptations. Especially for a woman. Especially for a woman like me who loves shopping! And it’s even worse to have really large towns in the near vicinity of a one hour’s drive.

I leave the house to get toothpaste and come home with three bags full of drugstore stuff. (Because I always find things I need to stock up on: dishwasher cleaner, wet wipes, Q tips, nail polish remover, …)

Or just take last week! I needed a birthday present for a very dear friend and since I didn’t know what to get yet I decided to make an appearance at the nearest shopping center. I guess you are thinking now, “M, M, you should have known better! We know you are a shopping addict! That just can’t go well!”

And you are right! I should have listened to my inner voices as well which were arguing non-stop, going like that:

Angel-Me: Remember, you are just looking for a birthday present!

Devil-Me: Remember, you are not only looking for a birthday present! There are those cute red high heels you saw a couple of weeks ago!

Angel-Me: You don’t need red shoes! You have at least three pairs in your closet!

Devil-Me: One can never have enough shoes!

Angel-Me: When are you going to wear those close to 100 pairs, huh?

Devil-Me: One can never have enough shoes!

Angel-Me: Can you hear me sighing?

Devil-Me (in a sing-song voice): I can’t hear anything! Nanananana!

Angel-Me: Let me remind you, you only have €100 left!

Devil-Me: You have €100 left! What’s keeping you?

Angel-Me: You still need to buy groceries!

Devil-Me: Pah, who needs food anyway? You love pasta! Pasta is cheap!

Angel-Me: Don’t listen to the Devil, M!

Devil-Me: Don’t listen to the Angel, M!

Angel-Me: Oh, shut up!

Devil-Me: I’m not shutting up! I win! I always win!

Angel-Me: Nah, you don’t! But I’ll have you have your way for once!

So, there you have it! The devil in me won and I not only got the birthday present but als the red high heels! And my bank account? Wiped clean! But at least I’ve got my new shoes which go perfectly with my dark blue Armani pencil skirt and white blouse!

(No, don’t worry, I didn’t have to live just on pasta for a week! I had rice and potatoes too! And at the office? I treated myself to rolled oats with frozen blueberries, honey and water!)


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