A dog’s life

Some time back I posted an article about the latest toddler fashion. You remember? Wigs! Now guess what the hottest fashion accessories for our best friends are? Right! Wigs! Wigs for dogs! You want your poodle to look like Paris Hilton? No problem! Just get a blond wig and stuff “Poopsie” either into a gold glitter outfit or fashionable orange jumpsuit! And there you go! Your very own Paris Hilton!

You want your Chihuahua look like former President Bush? No problem either! The right wig, cowboy footsies and a little cowboy hat and voilà. Bush on vacation! Current President Trump? Well, get creative! It’s not that hard! Just make sure you get the right signature wig and there you go!

As you can imagine I was a little stunned reading about dog wigs! Toddler wigs in Donald Trump and Bob Marley fashion were bad enough! But dog wigs? Who had the – I have to admit brilliant – idea inventing dog wigs? Where exactly is this going? Should I look out for wigged cats, rats, parrots and guinea pigs now? Let’s just consider zoo animals with wigs for a  moment … a sure way to increase the income … are you laughing as loud as I am? Picturing cute monkeys with pink wigs, lions in Elvis style (never goes out of style), elephants in president fashion … ohhh, what a terrific idea!

As you all know, together with Paris, Milan and London, New York is THE fashion hot spot. And just this February another fashion show is going to wow people! You know what’s coming now, right? Because THE fashion show of the year is the New York Pet Fashion Show. Big surprise? Not really, isn’t it? After all the babies have to be dressed accordingly when attending a dog birthday bash! Which might have a Sherlock Holmes theme, or Casanova, the roaring 20s, funky 70s Hippies, Madonna flashy 80s … but that’s for the special occasions!

On every day basis those little darlings need to be dressed in common day dresses, raincoats, suits … just for going out to pee and poop. I wonder if the wigs are in the way while … no, not going there! After all, you’re probably right in the middle of Sunday breakfast!

What else I’m wondering about!? Is it just me or is there going something terribly wrong? But I have to give credit to those who make money out of it! Lots of money! Lots and lots of money! As long as there are rich, lonely women out there, there will be … dog wigs!


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